Macbeth Act 5

Although invisible to others in scene 1 Lady Macbeth tries to wash away blood on her hands
In scene 2 lines 15-16 caithness says that macbeth ”cannot buckle his distempered cause/within the belt of rule” which sentence best paraphrases her meaning whether insane or not, macbeth cannot control himself
in scene 3 lines 50-54 macbeth says ”if thou couldnst doctor cast/the water of my land” how is this dramactic irony malcolms forces are about to cure scotland of its illness which is macbeth
why does macbeth decide to go outside the castle and fight in scene 5 he beieleve he is in danger because birnam wood is moving
Malcolms command of the invading forces in scene 6 shows that he wants to fulfill his role as the true king
which quotation from scene 1 best states one of the plays theme unnatural deeds/do breed unnatural troubles
how does malcolm know in scene 8 that macduff will be the one who kills him macduff says he was removed from his mother
in scene 8 siwards concern about the dealth of young siward is wheather he died facing his enemy and fighting
what is malcolms goal at then end of the play once he is hailed as king of scotland make his thanes into earls to reward them
why is macbeth unconcerned in scene 3 about the thanes who leave him to fight with malcolm the prophecies make macbeth fearless in battle