Macbeth act 5

Scene i. Sleepwalking scene Reveals Lady Macbeth as she is behind her false face. As strong as she was, she cant bear the burden of what has happened
Purposes of scene i (sleepwalking scene) 1. Reveals breakdown of her character2. Prepares audience for her suicide3. Creates sympathy
Lady M considers 3 things while sleepwalking 1. Duncan’s murder 2. The Banquet Scene3. Macduff Massacre
Scene ii England: Macduff, Malcolm, SiwardScotland: Angus, Monteith, Caithness, Lennox, Ross
Scene iii: Purposes Reveals Macbeth’s faith in apparitions. Shows his frequent change of mood.
“I am sick at heart…” Macbeth loses heart and is remorsefull about his way of life (meaning.)Creates sympathy (sign)
How does macbeth react towards the doctor and Seyton Hysterical tone- doctorImpatience- seyton
Scene iv Forces merge at birnam woods. Equivocal meanings of apparition is revealed. Macbeth takes refuge in castle bc everyone deserted him
“I have almost forgot the taste of fear” Macbeth regrets that he had become so brutal that the cries of women do not move him
“She should have died hereafter” Macbeth’s final commentary on life
“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in… Of recorded time” The future promises monotonous repitition
“And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death” The past merely illustrates death’s power
“Out, out, brief candle” Wishes his life were over quickly
“Life’s but a walking shadow… And then is heard no more” Life is meaningless and short
“It is a tale told by an idiot… Signifying nothing” His life had meant nothing; his actions have been futile
“I ‘gin to be aweary of the sun… Th’ world were undone” Macbeth is tired and ready to end it all. He regrets what has happened.
Scene vi Malcolm is in charge
Scene vii Young siward’s death encourages macbethMacbeth clings to the message that he need not fear any man born a woman. Macbeth’s men surrendered the castle
Scene viii Macbeth has tried macduff: he feels guilty now. Siward is proud of his son’s honorable deathMalcolm shows more compassion for the lossMacduff presents Macbeth’s head to Malcolm and hails him as king
Macduff revelas the equivocal meaning of the message: He was “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped”
Malcolm’s 1st sctions as King of Scotland 1. Changes “thanes” to “earls” to honor the englsih 2. Invited exiles to return3. Invites everyone to the coronarion