Macbeth Act 5

What visions plague Lady Macbeth? blood on her hands
How does Lady Macbeth’s condition differ from Macbeth’s at this time? She’s gone crazy. He is “crazy” with power
Conversation of scottish noblemen: Menteith, Caithness, Angus and lennox they say he is power crazy and he is turning everyone against him
What does Macbeth’s opening speech reveal to us? He doesn’t care about anyone or anything anymore
What does Macbeth’s speech to Seyton reveal to us? He is over confident due to witches confidence
What does Macbeth resolve to do? Why? Go to battle. Because of his pride
What news does Seyton bring Macbeth? The Queen has killed herself
In the Soliloquy: list four things to which Macbeth compares life brief candle, walking shadow, bad actors, a tale told by an idiot
How does Macbeth express the span of life? short, meaningless, empty(all for nothing)
How does he express the futility of life? life is a journey and then you die
What happened outside of Macbeth’s Castle? The solider throw down there “leafy screen”About to attack Macbeth’s Castle
Explain the action in this final scene and Malcolm’s speech at the end. Macbeth kills young Siward. Macbeth and McDuff fight. Macbeth says he is not afraid of anyone woman born. McDuff says he is not afraid of anyone woman born. McDuff tells Macbeth he was born by C-section. Macbeth get nervous but fights to the end. McDuff kills Macbeth and hail Malcom King of Scotland. Malcolm says he will be a good king and restore peace in Scottland. He tells his Thanes they are Erels (promoted). And then Malcom thanks everyone.