Macbeth Act. 5

She is overwhelmed with guilt. What does her sleepwalking reveal about Lady Macbeth’s conscience?
In repeatedly washing away imaginary blood, she is trying to wash away the guilt. How is her hand-washing symbolic?
Near Birnam Wood. Where are the noblemen to meet Malcolm?
He was fortifying the castle that events are out of his control and that some say he is crazy. What is reported about Macbeth?
Because of the witches’ prophecies- every man is born of woman and woods can never move. Why does Macbeth indicate what he really feels?
He is sick at heart. How does Macbeth indicate what he really feels.
In the country near Birnam Wood. Where does the scene take place?
For each to chop off a tree branch and carry in front of them. This will prevent the enemy from knowing how large a force Malcolm has. What are Malcolm’s instructions to his soldiers? Why does he have them do this?
Both the Nobles and Common people are in revolt. His troops do not serve him for loyalty but for fear and habit. According to Malcolm, what is the quality of Macbeth’s troops.
The Queen is dead. What news does Seyton give Macbeth?
Macbeth says life is brief and meaningless. What do lines 24-28 mean?
The Birnam Wood is approaching Dunsinane. Of what does the messenger inform Macbeth?
Malcolm, Siward, and Macduff divide the troops and make battle plans. What is accomplished in this scene?
He is trapped and cornered. How does Macbeth feel in lines 1-4?
Young Siward. Who is Slain by Macbeth?
They have joined Malcolm’s side. What has happened to some of Macbeth’s men?
He was torn from his Mother’s womb, and is therefore not technically born of woman. What does Macduff tell Macbeth about his birth?
Macduff. Who kills Macbeth?
Malcolm. Who will be King of Scotland?
Too much ambition. What was the fatal flaw that resulted in Macbeth’s downfall?
By Act. 4, Lady Macbeth is no longer involved with Macbeth’s affairs and has to send for him when she wants to talk to him. In Act. 5, her death gets little comment from him. He calls her the Doctor’s patient instead of his wife. As Macbeth becomes increasingly obsessed with protecting his position, he also becomes more and more isolated and alienated. How is that demonstrated in his relationship with his wife?