Macbeth Act 4 Test Notes

What is the main idea of the sleepwalking scene in Act V? she feels guilty .
What can you infer from the doctor’s treatment of Lady Macbeth about the practice ofmedicine during the time of the play? the knew very little about that.
At the beginning of Act V, the waiting-gentlewoman tells the doctor about Lady Macbeth’sstrange behavior. Why does he tell the gentlewoman to “Remove from her themeans of all annoyance”? keep her away from stuff that would kill her.
In the opening scene at Dunsinane Castle, Macbeth has no patience for his servant. Hesays, “Go prick thy face and over-red thy fear. / Thou lily-livered boy.” What does his treatment of the servant tell you about how Macbeth’s character has changed? Macbeth has become very brutal.
Why does Lady Macbeth kill herself? She couldn’t deal with the guilt anymore.
Why does Malcolm tell his soldiers to cut down branches of trees to carry as they March? to confuse them about the numbers they have
When does Macbeth first realize that he has been tricked by the prophecies of the witches? When Burnum wood starts moving towards him
In the final battle, Macbeth fights bravely, even after he learns he will probably die. How does his courage affect the reader? he is still noble
In her mad scene, Lady Macbeth declares, “Out, damned spot! Out, I say!” What spot is she talking about? the spot from king Duncan murder she sees on her hand
. What is Macbeth’s tragic flaw? his ambition is his flaw
As Macbeth awaits the battle at Dunsinane Castle, he demonstrates that he is no longer touched by either fear or horror. Which of the play’s themes does his behavior underscore? he has no care anymore it doesn’t matter what he does as long as he gets what he needs
Know how to correctly use a pronoun and its antecedent?
know the definition of Perturbations disturbance
know the definition of victims
know the definition of clamorous noisy
know the definition of harbingers forerunners
know the definition of renewal
Essay14. We often witness the evil acts of villains in movies, stories, and plays. It is satisfying to seethem get what they deserve. In an essay, discuss whether Macbeth has gotten what hedeserved or whether he has gotten off too easily. Is his downfall satisfying to you? Why orwhy not? Give reasons and examples as well as details from the play to support yourAnswer. ………

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