Macbeth Act 4 Quiz

Name the four prophecies and what they mean for Macbeth Beware of MacduffBloody child-nobody of woman can hurt youCrowned child with tree-in power until woods move against youBanquo’s sons as kings – Macbeth will not be king for long.
How does Macbeth feel after leaving the witches? Resolved to hurt Macduff, yet comforted by the prophecies, puts his guard down.
Why did the witches show him to the bloody child and child with crown? To make him relax about it. Dramatic irony, because this is how he is going to die.
Blood motif examples: Bloody child
Who says this and what do they want him to feel?Ay sir all this is so, but why stands M thus amazedly? Come sisters cheer we up his sprites and show the best of our delights. Witches, want him to leave the happy.
Bird motif examples Lady macduff: Poor wren, small birds will fight the owlLady macduff: To her son, poor birdMacduff son:As birds do, fight for themselves
Paradox examples Lady Macduff: Fathered he is (macduff) and yet he’s fatherlessMacduff: Such welcome and unwelcome thoughts at once
Why is lady macduff upset at macduff? What does this quote mean?When our actions do not our fears make us traitors He left her and son in the castle alone. She is not happy he is a traitor to scotland and M.He is a traitor to his family for leaving them in Scotland
Why does lady macduff say to her son that macduff is dead? How does he respond? He tells her that he is a traitor to them and Scotland. He responds very intelligently with courage. He believes there are many dishonest men.
Who says this and what does it mean?I remember now I am in the earthly world, where to do harm is often laudable, to do good sometime accounted dangerous folly. Why use womanly defense to say I did no harm Lady macduff. Doing bad is good and doing good is bad in this world now. Motif of manliness. Paradox statement.
Who do the murderers kill? Macduff’s son, and the wife (though we don’t find that out till later.
Heaven/hell motif examples: Malcolm: New widows howl, new orphans cry, new sorrows strike heaven on the face.Malcolm:Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell (Macbeth)Malcolm:Pour the sweet milk of concord into, uproar the peaceMalcolm:But god above deal between thee and me.Malcolm:would not betray the devil to his fellowDoctor:such sanctity hath heaven given his hand(edward)Macduff: Did heaven look on (when his family killed), Heaven rest them now.
Who says this and what does it mean?This tyrant who blisters our tongues was once thought honest you have loved him well he hath not touched you yet. You may deserve of him through me… Malcolm to macduff. I am not sure you are trustworthy yet. You left your family in Scotland.
How does Macduff react to this comment by Malcolm? How does Malcolm respond? Macduff says he is not a traitor. Malcolm says we will see, and then he goes into detail about why he would be a bad king. Macduff says you won’t be as bad as Macbeth. Then macduff says Scotland can;t have another bad king like that. Malcolm then says he trusts Macduff, he is right.
Who says this and what does it mean?Such welcome and unwelcome thoughts at once it is hard to reconcile Macduff after Malcolm says he will be a good king and take over Scotland. Macduff wants to believe him but is confused by all the changes
What is the point of having the doctor explain the things Edward is able to do? What can he do? Edward can heal sick people and perform miracles. Part of the heaven motif, savior coming to help Scotland, symbol he is a good king.
Who tells macduff his family is dead? Ross.
Who is the leader of the fighters in England with how many men? Old Siward and 10,000 men.
What is meant by this exchange between Malcolm and Macduff after he is told his family is dead. Malcolm:Dispute it like a man. Macduff: I shall but I must also feel it as a man. Manhood motif, Malcolm thinks of violence only, like Macbeth, Macduff says there is more to revenge and honor than just violence,
Who says this and what does it mean?O I could play the woman with mine eyes… Macduff, I can act like a woman and still be a killer. Manhood motif.
“Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn / The power of man, for none of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth” Who says this? Witches
“Macbeth shall never vanquished be until / Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill / Shall come against him” Who says this? Witches
“The flighty purpose never is o’ertook / Unless the deed go with it: from this moment / The very firstlings of my heart shall be / The firstlings of my hand. Who says this? Macbeth
“Double, double toil and trouble” Who says this? Meaning. Witches, they have double and hidden meanings with what they tell Macbeth
People say one thing (appear) but mean something else (reality) Give 3 examples: Witches prophecies.Macduff being and not being fatherMalcom I’m bad not wait im good

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