Macbeth Act 4

Macbeth most likely lists the destructive effects of the witches’ wind in Scene 1 in order to acknowledge their power over human beings.
In Scene 1, lines 98-100, Macbeth tells the apparitions that “high-placed Macbeth / Shall live thelease of nature, pay his breath / To time and mortal custom.” What aspect of Macbeth’s tragic flawdo these words reveal? his overconfidence in himself
Why is Lady Macduff angry with her husband in Scene 2? His leaving throws suspicions on his loyalty.
In response to Lady Macduff’s anger in Scene 2, Ross suggests that Macduff is wise and knows exactly what he is doing.
In Scene 2, lines 54-55, Lady Macduff’s son tells his mother that “the liars and swearers are fools,for there are liars and / swearers enough to beat the honest men and hang up them.” What does theaudience know that makes this statement an example of dramatic irony? Macbeth already sent men to kill the honest child.
King Edward’s special ability of healing disease through prayer shows that Malcolm feels that King Edward… rules justly and well.
In Scene 3, lines 210-211, Malcolm says to Macduff, “Give sorrow words. The grief that does notspeak / Whispers the o’erfraught heart and bids it break.” What does Malcolm want Macduff to do tokeep his heart from breaking? express his grief over his family openly
What do Macbeth and Macduff have in common at the end of Act IV? Each wants to kill the other for his treachery.
Explain how the appearance of the Armed Head apparition in Scene 1 matches the news it bringsMacbeth. The apparition warns Macbeth in Scene 1 to beware of Macduff (lines 71-72). The fact that thehead is armored also matches or foreshadows that Macduff plans to make war against Macbeth(Scene 3, lines 235-238)
Why does Malcolm tell Macduff that he (Malcolm, the rightful heir to the throne) is full of lust and greed? He is testing the integrity of Macduff.
What news does Ross report to Macduff? Macduff’s family is dead.
Why will Macduff’s revenge against Macbeth never be equal? Macbeth has no children of his own that Macduff could kill, so he won’t know that sorrow.
In Scene 3, what is Malcolm’s fear about Macduff? That Macduff is still loyal to Macbeth because he once loved Macbeth
What are some possible reasons the witches showed Macbeth the vision of the 8 kings? Banquo’s bloodline with be on the throne; in order to make Macbeth mad and create chaos; Macbeth asked.
What does the 2nd apparition look like? a bloody child
What is the warning of the 2nd apparition? No one born of a woman can hurt Macbeth.
What is the warning of the 3rd apparition? Macbeth won’t die until the trees uproot and attack him.
How has Macbeth’s attitude toward the witches changed since Act I? He isn’t scared of them now; he insults and demands things of them.