Macbeth: Act 4

To whom does “Something wicked this way comes” refer? Macbeth
Why does Macbeth return to the witches? to see what the future has in store for him
How violent is his plea to find out what the future holds for him? he would see the universe destroyed as long as he knows his destiny.
What are the 3 apparitions, their symbols, and their prophecies? 1. armed head: Macbeth at death or Macduff; beware Macduff.2. bloody child: Macduff at birth; none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.3. Child crowned with a tree in his hand: Malcolm at the bowls of Burnham wood; Macbeth can’t be defeated until Burnham wood walks up the hill.
What is important about the prophecies in relation to the structure of the play of the play? They compose the reversal of falling action, they increase suspense.
What type of murderer does Macbeth become after the murder of Macduff’s family? He moves from an indecisive murderer to a cruel butcher.
Why does he murder Macduff’s family? revenge
How does Malcolm test Macduff’s loyalty? He pretends that he would be worse than Macbeth if he were king.
What are the vices of a tyrant? Bloody, luxurious, malicious, etc.
What are the virtues of a king? Justice, temperance, verity, etc.
Who was King of England at the time of the action? Edward
why doesn’t Ross immediately tell Macduff what has happened to his family? It catches him off guard, he wasn’t expecting such a direct question.
What does Malcolm say is the answer to Macduff’s grief? revenge
Who does Macduff refer to when he says “He has no children”? Why? -Macbeth, because if he had children he could never cause such pain to a parent-Malcolm because he has no children he can’t comprehend the loss.
Who is the logical instrument of revenge? Macduff, because he has lost the most
Defend Malcolm’s reasoning in misrepresenting his character to Macduff. Malcolm has to be careful, he can’t just trust anyone.
What is Macbeth’s final for the witches? What is the answer? Will Banquo’s issue become king? ; The witches show him a parade of 8 Stuart kings.
When does Macbeth condemn himself? When he says “and damned be all those who trust them”, he trusts them.
How is Macbeth considered characteristically throughout Act IV? as a tyrant
To whom does “Oftener on her knees than on her feet/ Died every day she lived” refer to? Lady Macduff

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