Macbeth Act 4

What prophecy did the head with a helmet give? To beware Macduff
What prophecy did the bloody child give? No man of woman born can harm Macbeth
What prophecy does the child with a crown and a branch give? No one could harm Macbeth until Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane Hill
After hearing the prophecies what was Macbeth’s overall mood? a. Overconfident, a bit manic, and feeling invincible
What apparition did Macbeth see after hearing the three prophecies? Generations of Banquo’s sons being king
After seeing the witches, Macbeth orders the death of… Madcuff’s family
Why does Malcolm test Macduff? Malcolm does not trust Macduff
What “sins” does Malcolm accuse himself of to test Macduff? 1. Lechery (desires women)2. Avarice (desires money)3. Lacking in all virtues that are becoming of a king
How does Macduff respond to Malcolm’s test? At first he essentially says that they can deal with those things. However, when Malcolm says that he does not have any virtues, he says that Scotland is doomed
What is the sad news that Ross is hesitant to tell to Macduff? That Macduff’s family is dead
Where will Malcolm get help in the coming battle? From England and a majority of Scotland (all of the good people are rising against Macbeth)
What news does lennox bring Macbeth? Macduff has fled to England