Macbeth ACT 4

What information does Macbeth gather from the witches’ apparitions? How does this information spur Macbeth to commit more murders? 1.the witches tell him that no man born of a woman can harm him, beware of Macduff, his reign is secure until Birnam Woods comes to Dunsinane Castle.2.
Describe Lady Macduff and her son. How might their fate affect an audience’s opinion of Macbeth?
Lady Macduff calls her husband a traitor and tells her son , “…your father’s dead.” What does she mean by these statements? Why might she have felt this way? 1. she tells her son that Macduff was wrong for leaving them unprotected2. because by leaving them they are vulnerable to Macbeth
In what way do the murders of Macduff’s family represent a new phrase in Macbeth’s moral deterioration ? killing Macduff’s entire household is a savage act,it makes him look like a savage
In Scene 2, for what reasons might Ross ” dare not speak much further”? Macbeth has spies everywhere and he doesn’t want to be accused of treason
Why is Banquo’s head “blood-boltered”? because the murderers stabbed him in the head repeatedly
Identify the catalog of vices that Malcolm attributes to Macbeth (Scene 3 lines 57-59). he is false, deceitful,malicious,lecherous, and violent
The actual murder of Lady Macduff and her children is committed by ____________. Macbeth’s hired killers
“He wants the natural touch;for the poor wrenThe most diminutive of birds, will fight,Her young ones in the nest , against the owl.”In this assertion, Lady Macduff feels____________. that is is unnatural for her husband to have left his family unprotected
After hearing the further prophecies of the witches, Macbeth is __________________________. encouraged and feels that he is invincible
Give an example of dramatic irony in Act IV. when Ross tells Macduff that his family was well at peace when he left them
Killing Macduff’s family shows that Macbeth is________. (one word) malicious
After hearing the news about his family does Macduff react the way real people do in tragic situations? Explain. Yes, he was in shock. He couldn’t believe that his entire household was murdered.
Act IV amply demonstrates that Macbeth has degenerated to the point where he feels_____________________. he must kill anyone whom he thinks poses a threat to him
When Macduff asks about his family Ross replies that “they were well at peace” when he last saw them. His statement is_________________. deliberately misleading
“…Boundless intemperanceIn nature is a tyranny; it has beenThe untimely emptying of the happy throneAnd fall of many kings”. Macduff observes here that ___________________________________. a lack of moderation and self-control can cause even a king to fall
“… the queen that bore thee,Oftener upon her knees than on her feetDied everyday she lived.”Macduff in these words, says that Malcolm’s mother_________________________________. prayed often and was always prepared for dying
In Scene 3, Malcolm meets Macduff in______________.(Where?). Malcolm expresses concern over___________________. 1. London, England2. Macbeth’s treachery
Duncan is compared to a/an ______ in his meekness. lamb
_____________ is the rightful heir to the Scottish throne. Malcolm