Macbeth Act 4

sundry Of various kinds; several
A major purpose of Act IV is to foreshadow events related to Macbeth’s downfall.
When the witch says, “Something wicked this way comes,” you know that the witches themselves now considerMacbeth as evil.
After visiting the witches, why does Macbeth initially change his mind and decide not to haveMacduff killed? Macduff has fled toEngland
Which best describes how Shakespeare portrays Macduff’s son in Act IV? questioning and courageously brave
In Scene iii, what finally convinces Malcolm that Macduff is loyal? Macduff’s despair and sadness that hiscountry has wicked leadership
Which of the following lines spoken by Malcolm best conveys how he really feels aboutScotland? “…It weeps, it bleeds, and each newday a gash / Is added to her wounds.”
credulous (adj.) too ready to believe, easily deceive
avarice (n.) a greedy desire, particularly for wealth
judiciousness good or discriminate judgement, discreet, prudent
In Elizabethan theater, __________ was especially important because there were no elaboratespecial effects, lighting, or sets. imagery in the actor`s lines
intemperance Lack of moderation (usually relating to drinking alcohol)
The end of Act IV foreshadows an important conflict between a. Macbeth and Macduff. c. Macbeth and his wife.b. Malcolm and Ross. d. Macduff and Malcolm.
In Act IV, Macbeth visits the witches because he thinks that their evil spells can help him maintainhis power.