Macbeth Act 4

What is the first apporition, and of what does it warn Macbeth (Scene 1) See’s an armed head. He says beware of Macduff
What is the second apparition, and what is its common (Scene 1) See’s a bloody child. He says,” no man born of woman will harm Macbeth”
What, after this, does Macbeth resolve (Scene 1) He is safe from Macduff because he was born from woman
What is the third apparition, and what is it message (Scene 1) See’s little child with crown and tree in hand. Your safer until Brimonn Woods walk
Pleased with the information, what one further thing does Macbeth desire to know and what is the answer he gets (Scene 1) Banquo’s sons will be king. He see’s Banquo and 8 kings and one with a mirror. Mirror = goes on.
What news does Lennox give to Macbeth (Scene 1) Macduff fled to England
What is Macbeth’s response (Scene 1) He’s not going to wait
What is his resolve at the end of this scene? How is this different from his previous actions? (Scene 1) Murder all family and becoming crazy
Why does Lady Macduff think Macduff’s flight was “madness” (Scene 2) She feels with the chaos going on. She is in harms why.
What is Ross’ response (Scene 2) He disagrees,” Macduff knows what your doing”. Since she didn’t do anything wrong.
Since he has fled and is not dead, why does Lady Macduff tell the child that Macduff is dead (Scene 2) She’s mad at her husband for leaving her alone
How does the child know the child know that his father isn’t dead (Scene 2) Lady Macduff wasn’t crying
What suspicion of Macduff does Malcolm voice (Scene 3) Malcolm wonders why he leaves his kids and wife to England. Suspicious.
How does Malcolm’s comments about Macbeth again bring to mind the “fair is foul” theme (Scene 3 ) It’s about Macbeth. He says it’s crazy but not sure what’s true. Talks about the greatest angel that fell (Satan)
What is Macduff resolve (Scene 3) To kill Macduff and do it himself
How is Macduff’s grief conveyed? What makes this horrible act so diffcult for him He wants revenge but it is not fair since he doesn’t have any kids. He can’t accept that his family is dead
What is Macduff’s response when Malcolm says,” Dispute it like a man ” (Scene 3) Toughen up. Grieve. Wants revenge
After Malcolm tells rules about the Lord’s Siward and his ten thousand men preparing to leave for Scotland,, who what information does Ross give to Macduff (Scene 3) his family died in Macbeth murder them
Malcolm reveals that he is more lustful cruel and avaricious then Macbeth, and he concludes,” if such a one be fit to govern speak”. What is Macduff’s response (Scene 3) No he is not fit to govern and he is worried about Scotland
What is Macduff’s response(Scene 3) He says,”he frustrated and he’s not lying”
What is the makes Malcolm suspicious of Macduff’s motives (Scene 3) He questions why he left his family
To what does Malcolm attribute his wariness of Macduff (Scene 4) He worries that Macduff will take him back to Scotland to kill him
What is Malcolm’s next admission To test Macduff loyalty to Scotland