Macbeth Act 4

What is the 1st apparition in Scene 1? Armed Head.
What advice does the 1st apparition give Macbeth? Beware Macduff, Thane of Fife.
What is the hidden message of the 1st apparition? There’s war to come, brought on by Macduff.
What is the 2nd apparition in Scene 1? Bloody Child.
What advice does the 2nd apparition give Macbeth? Be bloody, bold, and resolute.
What is the hidden message of the 2nd apparition? Macduff was not born of a woman.
What is the 3rd apparition in Scene 1? Crowned child with a tree in hand.
What advice does the 3rd apparition give Macbeth? Be lion-mettled, proud, and take no care who frets.
What is the hidden message of the 3rd apparition? Malcom is bringing a force through the forest.
What plan does Macbeth have for Macduff’s family? To murder them.
What warning does the messanger give Macduff’s family? To flee.
What happens to Macduff’s family? They get murdered.
What vices does Malcom tell Macduff he has as a way of testing Macduff’s loyalty? -He says he’s not fit to be king.-He does not have patience and perserverence.
What news does Ross bring Macduff? His wife and son have been killed.
How does Macduff react to the news that Ross brings to him? He blames himself and wants revenge.