Macbeth Act 3 vocab, Act 3

solemn POS: adjdefinition: serious not cheerful
parricide POS: noun definition: the killing of a relative
dauntless POS: adjdefinition: showing fearlessness and determination
spite POS: noundefinition: desire to deliberalty hurt someone: revengefull
avouch POS: verbdefinition: to vouch for, confess; seconding afirrm
Nought/naught POV: noundefinition: nothing
malice POV: noundefinition: the wanting to cause harm to another due to plain evilness
jocund POV: adjdefinition: cheerful; merry
peal POV: noundefinition: a long prolonged ringing of bells
cloistered POV: adjdefinition: secluded from the world: isolated
mirth POV: noundefinition: great amusement with laughter
nonpareil POV: adjdefinition: having no equal; matchless
wayward POV: adjdefinition: turned away from what is proper or right, hard to control
sundry POV: adjdefinition: various or diverse
what lines in Banquo’s opening soliloquy indicate that he is suspicious of Macbeth? “thou played’st most family for it”- I don’t think you did not get this fairly ( the crown) shows his suspicion
which lines indicate why he does not do anything about it? because now due to the weird sisters predictions might come true for Banquo as they came trure for Macbeth
Who are the “bloody cousins in line 33? Why does Macbeth refer to them on this way? Malcom and donalbain, showing that they might have some blood on their hands as they could be the ones who killed their father
Who is Fleance? Why does Macbeth question Banquo about him? Fleance is Banquo’s son, Macbeth akses questions because he ud planning on killing Banquo and Fleance so he needs to know the location to tell the murderers
What does Macbeth mean by, “to be thud is nothing , but to be safely thus? Thus= king To be king is nothing but to secure and be safe to be king is the real deal
Why is Macbeth asking about Banquo’s plans? To know where and when to murder Banquo
What bothers Macbeth about Banquo? Macbeth is suspicious of banquo being suspicious of macbeth for the murder of Duncan, macbeth knows that banquo is smart and moral and will tell right away if he knows something
What two main reasons does macbeth give for not killing banquo himself? -sharing the same friends (I cannot be sad and greof with them after killing banquo)- the public should not know ((The reason I doing this is for banquo and his sons))
Why does Macbeth try to convince the murders that banquo is thier enemy Banquo is suspicious
What is the plan that macbeth relays to the murderers Kill both banquo and his son tonight and make sure macbeth is not associated with the murder at all
What role reversal is taking place? Lady macbeth to Macbeth Having the plan set, calling names, being the head
What is lady Macbeth’s advice in “it had been as a gap in out great feast and all thing unbecoming” Its done and it can’t be foxed and so just go with there is nothing you can do
What does Macbeth realize in lines 21-29 I rather be dead than than have all of this stress and no peace of mind odlf being king/queen “he sleeps well” we are glad but not at peace
Explain the lines “naughts had all’s spent where out desire is got without content/ this safer to be what which we destroy/than by destruction Have our efforts to be wasted rather to be in debt and be wasted
“we have scotched the snake, not killed it” Macbeth: we have not completely finished, Banquo is still out there (unfinished job)
where are banquo and fleance’s horses?Where does this scene take place? a mile form the castle (walking area)
” we have lost best half of our affair” murderer: we have only finished half of the job as Fleance got away
“then comes my fit again” macbeth: now macbeth has more things to worry about, as Fleance got away
“there the grown serpent lies, the worm that’s fled/ Hath nature that in time will venom breed/ no teeth for the present’ macbeth; serpent = banquo worm= fleance now that fleance father banquo is dead he will come back for vengeance with poison and evil within him
who is the only person to see banquo’s ghost? Macbeth, because he is so full of guilt
how does lady macbeth try to cover up for her husband? says these actions are form a childhood sickness and the guests should ignore them
how does lady macbeth macbeth back to normal? you are hallucinating again snap out of it, it is just like the dagger you saw
“there’s not a one of them but in his house/ i keep a servant feed” Macbeth: says that he has some one spying on macduff as he is suspicious of macduff being suspicious of him (macbeth)
“i am in blood/ stepped in so far that, should I wade no more/ returning were as tedious as go o’er” macbeth” there is no point in running it will be the same as trying to go deeper in his sins. (trying to do good is the same amount of effort as doing bad)
“we are yet but young in deed” the “deed”= murder we still more to do in this plan
what is Hecate’s plan? meet at the pit of aneron catch this special drop from the moon and raise charms to be able to mess with Macbeth
“security is mortals’ chiefest enemy” hectate: with the potion we give him he will think that he is safe and let his guard making him feel invincible and eventually lead him to his fall
scene 1 Banquo and macbeth talk and baquo shows his suspicions towards macbeth. Macbeth questions banquo his where about for the night. Macbeth informs murderers about banquo and plan to kill that night.
scene 2 Lady macbeth and macbeth, macbeth tells his wife that he has something planned for banquo and fleance ans she should be happy as he has everything under control
scene 3 murder scene of banquo and fleance, fleance flees and the murdereers realizes that the job ids half done
scene 4 banquet scene when Macbeth starts to see banquos ghost goes crazy as lady macbeth tries to calm him down and cover his guilt with a story stating that he has an illnesss
scene 5 hectate talks with the other witches and comes up with a plan to have Macbeth eventually fall
scene 6 lennox is talking with another lord about Macbeth being guilty as everyone is suspicious of him, but cannot do anything because macbeth is king and doing something would be treason

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