macbeth act 3 test

What is the tone of the dialogue between Macbeth and Banquo in scene i? very cordial but kind of these because macbeth is suspicious that banquet know and vice versa. macbeth will use any kind of treachery to get what he wants. “o, full of scorpions is my mind dear wife”- filled with guilt, anger (horrors)
What does Macbeth decide to do about Banquo? kill him- he hires two murderers. macbeth lack of trust
What reason does Macbeth give for not openly dealing with Banquo? we have friends that are the same and if i kill them then people will know. dramatic irony- banquet coming to banquet-> but macbeth sees banquos ghost
What is significant about Fleance’s escape? it’s fulfilling the witches prophecy
What does Macbeth see at the feast that no one else can see? banquo- his guilt makes him irrstional. internal conflict with conflict
What is particularly ironic about the last two lines of this quotation? his kinship will end when he dies. first two lines. banquo has heirs to pass on…macbeth fears banquet because he has a son. banquet knows macbeth killed the king
Referring again to the quotation in the question above, what does Macbeth mean when he says, “Only for them, and mine eternal jewel/ Given to the common enemy of man /To make them kings, the seeds of Banquo kings”? did i sell my soul to make banquet sons kings?