Macbeth Act 3 Scene 5 and 6

Why is Hecate angry? The witches talked to Macbeth without her.
How does Hecate describe Macbeth? Selfish and self centered.
Which of Macbeth’s previous actions confirm Hecate’s description of him? Macbeth killed Banquo and Duncan.
What will happen to Macbeth “i’ th’ morning”? He will come to know his destiny.
What is Hecate planning to do to Macbeth? Cast a spell on him.
What is mortals’ biggest enemy? False sense of security.
What “things” that “have been strangely borne” does Lennox describe? Banquo and Duncan are dead and Fleance has fled.
Why does Lennox link Fleance’s running away to evidence for his killing his father? Fleance ran away.
According to Lennox who else has been accused of killing their father? Malcom and Donalbain.
How does Lennox describe Macbeth’s act of killing Duncan’s guards? Noble and wise so they don’t deny killing Duncan.
Why does Lennox connect Duncan and Banquo’s death? He believes Macbeth killed both of them.
Who is “the tyrant”? Macbeth
Why does Macduff live in disgrace? He did not show up to the banquet.
According to the Lord, what has “the tyrant” stolen? The crown.
Where has Macduff gone and why? He went to England to ask king Edward to restore Scotland.
What is Macbeth planning? War
What does Lennox hope will happen? The blessing from king Edward will help their suffering from Macbeth.