Macbeth – Act 3: Scene 1

How does this scene open? Banquo is talking to himself about the success of Macbeth and how the witches’ words were correct
Quote: What’s the most important thing he says in his soliloquy? “And I fearThou played’st most foully for ‘t”- He’s concerned that Macbeth cheated for the titles- The superlative “most foully” shows to what extent Banquo imagines his wrongdoings- Creates dramatic irony- Use of enjambment makes line more dramatic
What does Macbeth announce to Banquo? Lady Macbeth and himself are having a ceremonial banquet for Duncan’s death~ “Solemn supper”
Quote: How does Banquo respond to Macbeth, which portrays the theme of loyalty to the throne well? “Let your highnessCommand upon me, to the which my dutiesAre with a most indissoluble tieForever knit.”- Macbeth has only just become King- Yet, Banquo is prepared to serve him loyally- Shows the theme of Kingship- Also reflects the hierarchy at the time
What does Macbeth then ask Banquo? Whether or not he is riding
How does Banquo respond? He says he is riding far enough so he will just be back in time for the supper with his his son, Fleance
Quotes: Macbeth instantly changes mood and tone here, what two consecutive quotes show this? “While then, God be with you!”- Says to all of his nobles- Honourful- “God” shows the compassion he feels for them”Sirrah, a word with you. Attend those menOur pleasure?”- Ambiguous~ “Those”- Reader instantly jumps on to assume this is sneaky due to Macbeth’s previous actions
Quotes: What are the most important thing Macbeth says in his soliloquy? “Our fears in BanquoStick deep, and in his royalty of natureReigns that which would be feared”- Worried about Banquo- Saying there is something noble about him”‘Tis much he dares”- Says he is daring enough to challenge Macbeth”and under himMy genius is rebuked”- Saying his ‘guardian angel’ gets scared in Banquo’s presence- Perhaps because he is so just?”For them the gracious Duncan have I murdered;”- He is saying that he has only murdered Duncan for the benefit of Banquo’s children”Rather than so, come fate into the list,And champion me to th’ utterance. “- Stating he is going to fight fate instead of allow it to happen- Shows how committed he is- He is not respectful of the Witches as he is cherishing their word when it benefits him and challenging their word when it acts against him
What does Macbeth do to the murderers? Persuades them that Banquo is a bad person
Quotes: What does Macbeth say to the murders after the first says “We are men, my liege”? He makes a comparison between different types of men, and different breed of dogs saying:”The valued fileDistinguishes the swift, the slow, the subtle,The housekeeper, the hunter, “- Saying that there are many different types of menAfter this he states:”Now, if you have a station in the file,Not i’ th’ worst rank of manhood, say ‘t,”- Saying that those not prepared to carry out the murder are low down on the list of menHe ends by saying that Banquo “[wears] our health but sickly in his life,Which in his death were perfect”- Saying that his death will make Macbeth healthy again- Selfish- Shows mental torment Macbeth is going through
Quote: What quote does Macbeth give justifying the murder of Banquo, which shows the theme of betrayal well? He says he cannot just get rid of Banquo with his power “for certain friends that are both [Banquo’s] and [Macbeth’s],Whose loves [he] may not drop, but wail [Banquo’s] fallWho [himself] struck down.”- Draws similarities between murder of Duncan~ LM says “we shall make our griefs and clamor roar upon his death?”- Shows repeat of events- Perhaps shows how Macbeth has become over-enthused with the idea that you can just kill people to deal with your problems and overcome obstacles.
What does Macbeth say the plan is? Go and kill Banquo and Fleance while they are riding