Macbeth – act 3

what happens in act 3, scene 1? macbeth plots the murder of banquo
how does scene 1 open? banquos soliloquy
whats different about banquos reaction to the prophecies? hes ambitious but unlike macbeth, he is willing to let fate takes its course
how has macbeths character changed from act one to act 3, scene 1? in act 1, he was tormented by killing duncan and needs reassurance ts the right thing to do, whereas hes decisive about banquo and doesnt tell lady macbeth
how has macbeth become a coward during the plan for banquos murder? when he killed duncan, he did it himself however for banquo he hires people
how has macbeth become similar to lady macbeth in act 3, scene 1? he persuades the murderers by questioning the masculinity
what happens in act 3, scene 2? the macbeths are feeling insecure
how does shakespeare present the feelings of guilt in scene 2? he uses oxymorons to contrast their feelings
what does scene 2 show about the change in the macbeths relationship? macbeth hints at the murder of banquo but refuses to confide in lady macbeth to protect her from the guilt
what happens in act 3, scene 3? banquo is murdered
what shows macbeths paranoia in scene 3? he hires a third murdered as he doesnt trust anyone
what happens to fleance in scene 3? he escapes
what happens in act 3, scene 4? macbeth sees banquos ghost
why is the ghost in scene 4 an important dramatic device? it is a symptom of his guilt and anxiety
why is the ghost a reminder of the witches predictions in scene 4? the ghost sits on macbeths throne which is a reminder that banquos descendants will become kings
why does lady macbeth have to take control again in scene 4? Macbeths behaviour is very strange and fears he isn’t manly enough
what happened in act 3, scene 5? the witches meet with Hecate
who is Hecate? the goddess of witches, she is annoyed that the three witches have been meddling in Macbeths business without involving her
why do the witches summon apparitions in scene 5? to trick macbeth into being overconfident
what happens in act 3, scene 6? lennox plans an uprising
what is the significance of scene 6? this scene is another bridge scene between act 3 and act 4, the minor characters tell the audience everything that happened, macduff raised an army against Macbeth while Malcolm is in English court
what does lennox suspect in scene 6? he suspects that Macbeths responsible for Duncan and banquos murders. hes careful not to speak his mind about Macbeth.
how are lennox’s true feelings revealed? his speech, the monologue is sarcastic, he uses rhetorical questions and his speech is full of exclamations.
how does scene 6 end? lennox ends the scene by sending a message to English court, this builds the tension because it becomes a question of how far Macbeth will go before he’s stopped. the audience sees that Macbeths death is inevitable

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