Macbeth act 3

What does the quote, “I fear thou play’ds most foully for’t” mean? Who says it? That Macbeth did something bad to fulfill his prophecies; Banquo
T or F: Banquo is suspicious of how Macbeth became king. True
What do Banquo and Fleance plan to do later in the evening? Go for a horse ride
Who says, ” Our fears in Banquo stick deep?” What does it mean? Macbeth; he thinks Banquo knows about him killing King Duncan
Why is macbeth mad? He killed Duncan to become king when in the end Banquo’s children will become king anyway.
Why does Macbeth meet with 2 murders in secret? He is going to have them kill Banquo and Fleance
T or F: Lady Macbeth feels guilty for the murder of King Duncan. False
Who says, “O full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife”? What does it mean? Macbeth; he is suspicious of Banquo and other people, he feels guilty, and he can’t sleep
How many murders do Banquo and Fleance encounter? 3
Who says “Fly, good fleance, fly, fly, fly!” Banquo
What do the 3 murders do? kill Banquo, but Fleance escapes and is never mentioned again
What does Macbeth see in the “empty” chair? Banquo shaking his head
Who is Macbeth talking to when he says, “never shake thy gory locks at me”? Banquo’s “ghost”
Who dos Macbeth make his toast to at his party? Banquo
Why does Lady Macbeth order all of the ghests to leave? So that Macbeth doesn’t freak out and say something he shouldn’t
What causes Macbeth to freak out in front of his guests and who calms him? Banquo’s ghost; Lady Macbeth
What does the quote, “Macduff denies his person at our great bidding” mean? That Macduff hasn’t been around lately
What does Macbeth compare his situation to? Wading through blood
Why doesn’t Macbeth want to try and return to his non-murderous self? it would be just as tedious and more boring
Who is all noticing the weird changes that are happening? the towns people
What is Macduff doing in England? trying to get toegether an army to return to defeat Macbeth
Where is Malcolm now living? the English court

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