MacBeth Act 3

figurative language Language that cannot be taken literally since it was written to create a special effect or feeling.
tragic flaw the character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall
Shakespearean word order
antagonist A character or force in conflict with the main character
How has MAcBeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s relationship changed since Duncan died? it has become distant because MB is going crazy
Scene I lines 47-5 Why does MB fear Banquo? he sees his ghost and knows it knows he can kill him
Act Two: MB kills Duncan. In Act 3 he kills Banquo. How are the murders different? How does Banquo’s murder affect MB? MB killed Duncan himself.He hired others to kill Banquo.Banquo’s ghost “follows” him
Describe the dramatic irony inScene 1 lines 29-32
Descibe the dramatic irony in Scene 4 lines 53-58
Theme: Act 3 Scene 4identify the moments in which being a man means showing no fear
What chacter is the biggest threat to MB? why? Macduff
At the beginning of Act 3, w hose murder is MB planning and why? Banquobecause the witches prophesized that he will be the father of the kings
What are the feelings of MB and Lady MB when they both reflect on the murder of Duncan? MB clearly regrets what he has done. He speaks about washing the blood off his hands. Lady MB wnats to cover up the deat of the King by putting blood and the daggars on the antagonist
Scene 4- why can’t MB sit at the banquet table? He keeps seeing Banquos ghost
How does Lady MB explain MB behavior at the banquet? She tells the guests that MB has been sick and he has these episodes and always has. She tesll them not to worry.
How does the banquet end? Lady MB saves all of their guests and beauxxs and MB is going crazy
Why does MB question Banquo’s journey? MB feels threatened. MB is trying to squeeze info out of Banquo to tell the assasins
What do the murders plan on doing? They must murder Banquo away from the palace
What reasons does MB tell the murders to kill Banquo? 1. B is their enemy2. the earn MBs loyalty3. to elimintate the possibility of being King
What does Lady MB reaction to MB’a plan reveal? she is not as ruthless as we thinkThere is some reason why she wants Banquo alive
Act 3 lines 28-34What does MB tell Lady MB? mask your face and true feelings pretend nothing is wrong
What is a weakness in MB character that reveals his tragic flaw?