Macbeth Act 3

What sort of things does Macbeth keep asking Banquo before he leaves? Who/What/When/Where/How- Uses info to plan Banquo’s murder
Explain the Situational Irony Involving Macbeth’s Reason for killing Duncan He helped Banquo’s sons become king
Explain the metaphor “For them have I put rancors in the vessel of my peace.” Sinking own ship- The Crown
How does Macbeth use the analogy involving dogs when trying to convince the murderers to help him out? Men need to be like wolves- What kind of man are you?
Why does Macbeth now envy Duncan, though he has taken his place as king? Duncan sleeps eternally in peace- Macbeth cannot rest
What “snake” lies in a ditch and what “worm” escapes? Banquo- Dead, Fleance- Son
Explain the ironies involved when Macbeth says that he wishes Banquo was at the banquet? Dramatic Irony- We know Banquo is deadSituational Irony- Banquo’s ghostVerbal Irony- Macbeth saying he wished Banquo was there
Lady Macbeth’s excuse for Macbeth’s strange behavior It was his custom, he was ill