Macbeth Act 3

How has Banquo’s attitude towards Macbeth changed? Banquo does not trust Macbeth, but wonders if he got his position through doing bad things
What did Macbeth invite Banquo to attend? A banquet
How does Macbeth convince the murderers to kill Banquo and Fleance Tells them that Banquo (not Macbeth) was the cause of their ruin.
What is one piece of evidence that proves that Macbeth does not trust his Thanes (he said it to Lady Macbeth) He has spies in the homes of all of his Thanes
How has the relationship changed between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth changed? They are not as honest with one another, and Macbeth has become more assertive while Lady Macbeth wants them to stop killing (be able to provide examples, like how Lady Macbeth did not have anything to do with planing Banquo’s death, rather she begged him to stop)
Why does Macbeth want Banquo killed? He is a liability because he knows about the witches’ prophecy, and his sons will be king (not Macbeth’s heirs)
Who got away from the murderers? Fleance
Who does Macbeth see in his seat at the table? Banquo’s ghost
How do Macbeth’s guests react to his exclamations about Banquo’s ghost? They are startled and try to leave or help Macbeth (they do not see the ghost that he is talking about)
How does Lady Macbeth try to explain away her husband’s strange behavior at dinner? It is simply an illness that he has had since he was young, but it will pass
Who will Macbeth go to see for further information about the future? The weird sisters
Who is the “boss” of the witches? Hecate
Why is Hecate angry with the witches? They were manipulating Macbeth without her consent or help
Where has Macduff gone? Why? Macduff has gone to England to get help to get rid of Macbeth