Macbeth act 3

in his soliloquy, what suspicion and hope does Banquo reveal Banquo is suspicious that Macbeth went about the wrong way of becoming king.his hope was that his kids will be king
Macbeth seems to be very interested in Banquos travel plans. Why do you suppose he is so interested? planning on murdering Banquo
what is there in Banquos character that makes macbeth uneasy? banquo is a nice, noble, trustworthy guy
what particularly upsets macbeth about banquo the fact that he is getting suspicious
what does Macbeth tell the murderers to do kill banquo and his son fleance away from the castle/palace
what is the meaning of Macbeths opening speech in this scene he is having trouble sleeping and he is worried about Banquo and his sons
in this scene what is Macbeths state of mind? crazy, full of scorpions
on the other hand, how does macbeth show that his resolve and ambition have become strong? he keeps lady macbeth out of the planning
describe what happens at the ambush they kill Banquo, but do not kill Fleance. Fleance gets away. there is an extra murderer. Banquo is stabbed 20 times in the head
what strange occurrence happens at the feast macbeth keeps seeing Banquos ghost
how does macbeth behave during the feast irational
how does lady macbeth excuse her husband she says he does this often
why does macbeth mention Macduffs name? cause macduff has refused to go to the functions that macbeth puts on. macbeth doesnt trust macduff
what does macbeth say he will do next visit the weird sisters
where has macduff gone and why? England and because he is raising an army