Macbeth Act 2 Vocabulary List

Summons N = an authoritative commandV = to command with authority
Repose N = rest, relaxationV = to rest, relax
Largess (N) YThe generous giving of gifts; generosity
Augment V = to add to, to enlarge, to increaseN = the action of adding to, enlarging, increasing
Allegiance (N) loyalty, as a citizen pledges to a nation, or a subject to a ruler
Palpable Able to be touched, real, corporal(impalpable = not able to be touched)V= to examine by touch
Marshal (Vt) To lead, to direct
Stealthy ADJ = quietly sneakyN = sneaky quietude, silent sneakiness
Appall V = to shock and horrify (to make pale)ADJ = shocking, horrifying
Lament/lamenting N = a vocal expression of deep grief or sorrowV = to grieve, to express grief vocally
Combustion N = the action or process of burning; a violent burning reaction like an explosionV= to burn, to explode in flame
Parley N = a discussion or conferenceV = to meet and discuss, confer
Renown (N) Fame, widespread repute
Temperate (Adj)characterized by self-restraint and moderation
Divulge V = to reveal (as in a secret)N = the act of divulging
Malice N = the desire to inflict injury or harm on othersADJ = characterized by malice
Consort V = to associate or keep company withN = one who keeps company with
Predominance N = the state of having power, authority and influence over others, sovereignty ADJ = characterized by predominance, sovereign
Pretense N = a false showV = to fake, to make believeN pretension = the act of giving a false appearance or superiorityADJ = arrogant, pretending to be better than others
Sentinel (N) A guard
Surfeit (Vt) To satisfy with food