MacBeth Act 2 Scenes 1-2

Opening Act 2 Scene 1 Banquo and his son Fleance walk in the torch-lit hall of Macbeth’s castle
What does Banquo say, when his son tells him that it’s after midnight? he wishes to stay awake because his sleep has lately inspired “cursed thoughts”
What does Banquo say to Macbeth when Macbeth enters? Banquo says that the king is asleep and mentions that he had a dream about the “three weird sisters.”
Banquo and Macbeth talk When Banquo suggests that the witches have revealed “some truth” to Macbeth, Macbeth claims that he has not thought of them at all since their encounter in the woods
Does Macbeth want to talk about the witches? He and Banquo agree to discuss the witches’ prophecies at a later time
About what does Macbeth has a vision of? Macbeth has a vision of a dagger floating in the air before him, its handle pointing toward his hand and its tip aiming him toward Duncan
What happens when Macbeth attempts to grab the dagger? Macbeth tries to grasp the weapon and fails. He wonders whether what he sees is real or a “dagger of the mind, a false creation / Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain”
What happens in the vision after Macbeth fails to grab the dagger? Continuing to gaze upon the dagger, he thinks he sees blood on the blade, then abruptly decides that the vision is just a manifestation of his unease over killing Duncan.
How does the night feel to Macbeth It feels think with horror and witchcraft
What was the signal used by Lady Macbeth when the chamberlains are asleep? The tolling of a bell is the signal
What does Macbeth do when he hears the bell toll When Macbeth hears the bell toll, he heads towards Duncan’s chamber
Opening Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeth leaves the hall, Lady Macbeth enters
What is Lady Macbeth thinking about when she enters the hall? She is remarking on her boldness. She imagines that Macbeth is killing the king even as she speaks.
What did Lady Macbeth think happened when Macbeth cried out? She worried that the chamberlains have awakened
What does Lady Macbeth think happened when she hears Macbeth cry out? She thinks that Macbeth failed to kill the king
What does Lady Macbeth say when she thinks that Macbeth failed? She says that she cannot understand how Macbeth could fail—she had prepared the daggers for the chamberlains herself. She asserts that she would have killed the king herself then and there, “[h]ad he not resembled / [her] father as he slept
What do you see on Macbeth to know that he killed the king? His hands are bloody.
What does Macbeth say when he enters with bloody hands? He says that the deed is done.
What did Macbeth hear before he killed the king? Macbeth remarks that he heard the chamberlains awake and say their prayers before going back to sleep. When they said “amen,” he tried to say it with them but found that the word stuck in his throat
What does Macbeth think he heard after killing the king? He adds that as he killed the king, he thought he heard a voice cry out: “Sleep no more, / Macbeth does murder sleep”
Why did Lady Macbeth get angry with Macbeth? She notices that he has forgotten to leave the daggers with the sleeping chamberlains
Why did Lady Macbeth want Macbeth to leave the daggers with the sleeping chamberlains? So that the chamberlains would be blamed for the murder.
Who takes the daggers into the room with the chamberlains? Lady Macbeth takes the daggers back, because Macbeth refuses.
What does Lady Macbeth think of Macbeth when he refuses to take the daggers back? She says that she would be ashamed to be as cowardly as Macbeth
What does Macbeth hear as Lady Macbeth leaves with the daggers? He hears a knocking sound.
What does Macbeth say about the blood on his hands? “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood / Clean from my hand?”
How many times does Macbeth hear the knocking? Macbeth hears the knocking three times. Lady Macbeth hears the knocking two times, because the first knocking came when she had left the room.
What does Lady Macbeth say about the blood on Macbeth’s hands? “A little water clears us of this deed,” she tells him. “How easy it is then!”