Macbeth Act 2 Review

What does Duncan give his hostess to show his gratitude? A Diamond
Banquo wants the prediction made by the witches to come true for his sons. What does he refuse to do so that the prediction does come true? Kill Duncan
What is Macbeth anticipating in his soliloquy about the dagger? Murdering Duncan
What is the significance of the ringing of the bell? It means death. It is time for Macbeth to murder Duncan.
What did Lady Macbeth do to the guards to make them sleep? Got them drunk.
Why couldn’t Lady Macbeth murder the king herself? He looks like her father
What does Macbeth do or say to show his near hysteria after the murder? He can’t sleep, he can’t say amen, he won’t go back, and he called the murder scene a “sorry sight”
What does Macbeth bring with him from the murder scene, which Lady Macbeth must return? Bloody dagger
What does Lady Macbeth intend to do with Duncan’s blood if he’s bleeding? Smear it on the guards
How does Lady Macbeth react to the murder of Duncan? Not as disturbed, takes charge
In the opening comic interlude, the porter is pretending that he’s the gate keeper in ____ Hell
What evidence does Lennox give of nature harmonizing with man’s violence or the disruption of the Great Chain of Being? Windy, screams, the combustion, birds clamoring, earthquakes, horses went crazy and broke stalls
Who announces that Duncan has been murdered after finding his body? Macduff
What appearance does Lady Macbeth fake at the news? Fainting
Who is accused of the murder? The guards
Who kills the guards, and what reason does he give for his actions? Macbeth. He said he was angry
Why do Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, leave? Because their father was murdered and they don’t want to be next
Where does Malcolm go? England
Where does Donalbain go? Ireland
Who is now suspected of the murder and why? Malcolm and Donalbain, because they left
Who is the new king? Macbeth
What is Macduff implying when he says, “Lest out old robes sit easier than our new”? He doesn’t like Macbeth being kind
What are the two animals that are omens? Owls and crickets
Who refuses to attend the coronation of Macbeth at Scone? Macduff
Macbeth indicates that he wishes he had died before he saw this hour–the time that Duncan was dead. This is an example of Irony