Macbeth Act 2 Quiz

Who is Banquo’s son? Fleance
Why is Banquo awake? He dreamt of the witches prophecies
After Banquo leaves, what does Macbeth tell his servant? To tell Lady Macbeth to make the “drinks” for the soldiers
When Macbeth returns in Scene 2, what is he holding? The bloody daggers
What did Macbeth hear after he murdered Duncan? Malcolm and Donalbain woke up, and one of them screamed murder.
What makes Macbeth feel the most guilty? After the prayer, he couldn’t say “Amen”
He refuses to return the daggers because He cannot bear to see Duncan
Who is at the door? Macduff and Lennox
Why are they there? Macduff was ordered to meet Duncan in the morning at the castle?
Who discovers that the king is dead? Macduff
What do Duncan’s sons decide to do? Malcolm flees to England, Donalbain flees to Ireland
What does Ross believe foreshadowed Duncan’s death? His horses broke out of the stalls and ate each other
What does Macduff believe happened? Malcolm and Donalbain paid the guards to do it, because they have fled.
Who will inherent the throne? Macbeth
Where will Macbeth, Macduff, and Ross go? Ross will go with Macbeth to be coronated; Macduff will return to his home in Fife.