MacBeth Act 2 Quiz

When Banquo says he dreamt of the witches, how does Macbeth respond? Says he’s never thought about it.
As Macbeth contemplates Duncan’s murder, what does he imagine he sees? Dagger floating in front of him.
Why could Lady Macbeth not commit the murder? Duncan resembled her father
Immediately after the murder, what spoken words did Macbeth think he heard? “Sleep no more”
How does Lady Macbeth participate in the bloodiness of the act? She returns the dagger near the guards and smears blood on them.
Who discovers the body of Duncan? MacDuff
What unnatural event do Ross and the old man discuss, which they considered to be foreshadowing of the king’s murder? An owl killed a falconDuncan’s horses went crazy and broke out of their stalls and ate each other.
What murder does Macbeth admit to the morning after Duncan’s death? The guards
How does Lady Macbeth draw attention away from Macbeth during the murder disclosure scene? She faints
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain flee Scotland? To be safe