Macbeth Act 2 notes

What does Duncan do in Act 2 to show his benevalence? He gives gifts
How do Macbeth and Banquo differ in their thoughts about the witches? Banquo has nightmares of them, and thinks of them a lot. Macbeth says he doesn’t think of them much, but that is a lie.
Dagger scene-why is it significant? He has been having nightmares as well, but he knows it’s not real. It’s just his imagination running wild because of the murder plot.
What does Macbeth personify in the dagger scene, and how? He personifies murder, saying it moves like a ghost
What noises create suspense in act 2? The bell ringing, and the owl shrieking
How do both Lady and Macbeth act after the murder? Lady Macbeth is frightened upon hearing the owl, and Macbeth is also scared when he comes to greet her
Why could Lady Macbeth not kill Duncan? What does this reveal about her? Duncan resembled her father as he slept. This reveals she still has humanity left in her
How does Macbeth feel throughout act 2? What 3 ways does he show this? Extremely guilty. He proclaims his hands are a sorry sight, is worried he can’t say amen, and wishes he could undo what he did.
What is Lady Macbeths reaction upon finding out he didn’t leave the daggers with the servants? She questions his manhood
Though they both have blood on their hands, what is the difference between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth? Macbeth is guilty, and lady is not
The Porter scene-who does the Porter see? He imagines himself as the gatekeeper of hell, and sees a greedy farmer, a liar, and a thieving Englishman
How does Macbeth react when everyone finds out about Duncan’s murder? He acts like life is meaningless because of this terrible thing, which is ironic because he did it. Also, He says he murdered Duncan’s servants because he was so sad and angry, making himself seem noble
What is the theme of act 2 scene 4? Things behaving unnaturally, great chain of being being violated, divine right of kings being violated
How does Macduff how he doesn’t support Macbeth as King? Who is suspicious of Macbeth? He doesn’t go to Scone to see him crowned. Banquo is suspicious