Macbeth Act 2 Comprehension Check answers

(Scene 1)1. About what time is it at the beginning of this Act? It is 12:00 A.M.
2. Why can’t Banquo sleep? Because he had a bad dream about, “The Weird Sisters”. (Witches)
3. What did the King give lady Macbeth? What kind of mood was the King in before he went to bed? He gave her a diamond. He was in a good mood.
4. What lie does Macbeth tell Banquo? Tells Banquo that he doesn’t believe in the witches.
5. What does Macbeth “see”? A dagger in front of him, luring him to go to the King’s dungeon.
6. In his soliloquy, what lines indicate that Macbeth has been having nightmares? Lines 45-52
7. What does the bell indicate? The time to go kill Duncan.
(Scene 2)1. What does Lady Macbeth mean by “That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold”? She means that by getting the guards drunk, she’s ready to do what she had planned to do.
2. Why does Lady say she couldn’t murder Duncan herself? Because Duncan reminds her of her father.
3. What happened to spook Macbeth while he waited to kill Duncan? Guards started to yell, “murder.”
4. What does Macbeth then thinks he hears? Why do you think he “hears” this? Macbeth hears, “Sleep no more…Macbeth does murder.” He “hears” this because he knows that he is guilty.
5. What mistake does Macbeth make? He forgot to leave the daggers in Duncan’s room.
6. How does lady fix his mistake? She places the daggers back inside Duncan’s room.
7. What evidence from the murder upsets Macbeth the most? All of the blood everywhere on his hands and on the daggers.
8. Lady Macbeth says, “A little water clears us of this deed, how easy is it then!” Is this true? How does this seem like an understatement? Yes, this is true. It seems like understatement because she wants all of the blood to wash away and disappear.
9. What line reveals that Macbeth is now regretting what they have done? Line that says, “Wake Duncan with thy knocking. I wouldst thou couldst.”
(Scene 3)1. This scene with the Porter provides some comic relief. Why is this scene important to the audience at this time? Because they all know that Duncan had been murdered/killed.
2. What is ironic about his statement “but this place is too cold for hell”? Macbeth’s castle is turning into misery for him because of what he did to the King.
3. According to the Porter, how is drink an “equivocator of lechery”? It can take away someone’s passion and need for doing something they want to do.
4. Why is Macduff up so early? Because in order to get the King out of bed.
5. Explain why Lennox said the night was “unruly”. It felt like the whole Earth was shaking and that birds were making a huge racket that night.
6. Who found Duncan’s body? Macduff found his body.
7. What does Macbeth confess to Macduff? What does he give as the reason he did it? He confesses that he drugged up the guards and killed them. The reason he did it was of the killing of King Duncan.
8. What is Lady Macbeth’s reaction to hearing this? Do you think this was sincere? All of a sudden, she faints on the ground. This wasn’t sincere because she was part of the killing by telling Macbeth to kill the King.
9. What do Malcolm and Donalbain decide to do? Why? They run away because they’re sad that their father, The King was murdered.
(Scene 4)1. What strange events have been happening? Crazy things happened like, horses eating away at each other and an owl that had killed a hawk.
2. Who have become suspects in Duncan’s murder? Why? Malcolm and Donalbain became suspects because they ran away and never came back.