macbeth act 2 and 3 test

what does banquo think about macbeth he knows there was foul play involved in him becoming king
what do macb and ladymacb give for duncan they give a diamond
what does macbeth lie to banquo about (wiches) he says that he doesnt think about the witches and their prophecies
what does macbeth see as his hallucination he sees a dagger, signal of guilt, pulls out real dagger
who is the witch queen hecate
what does the bell lady macbeth ring mean it means it is time for macbeth to kill duncan
whos drink does lady macb drink from the guards drink
what does ladymacb say to macb about killing duncan ladymacb says she would have done it but duncan looks like her dad
what did macbeth mess up in plan he brought back the daggers
what does macbeth hear when he returns from murder hethinks he hears malcolm and donalbain praying and telling him he cant pray
what does lady macb do with daggers she takes them back do duncans room
what do macb and lmacb say about the water lmacb says a little water will washmacb think not all the water in the world will wash the guilt
what does macb wish the knocking could do he wishes the knocking would wake him up
who shows up at the front door the porter accepts and is very drunk
what is ironic about the porter the porter plays the keeper of hell, macbeths castle is hell
why does shakespeare include the porter he needs comic relief
who shows up at castle macduff and lenox
who sees duncan dead macduff
what does lenox say about the night preceding the murder crazy storms, nature reacting
what does macduff not tell ladymacb and why ironic doesnt want to say duncan died, she is the one who plotted to kill
what does macbeth do to the guards he goes and murders them
why does macb say he murdered guards could not contain fury
what does lmacb do to make her look innocent pretends to faint
waht do malcolm and donalbaun decide after murder they are leaving and Malcolm is going to england, donalbain to ireland
“there’s daggers in mens smiles” donalbain
what are the 2 weird occurences since Duncan died owl hunted falcolnhorses ran and ate eachother
why are malcolm and donalbain sus they left right after
what is macduff not going to macbeths inaguration because he doesnt like him
“lest our old robes rest easier than new” macduff
what are lmacb and macb throwing in light of kingship a dinner party
what does macb ask banquo before the party and why asks him where he is and with whom
paraside murder of parents
why does macbeth want to know about fleance he really wants fleance dead more than anything
“doth guide valor to act in safety” macbeth
what are macb 2 concerns abt being king banquohe has no heir
“know that it was he in past time that held fortune” macb-> sevants
why do murderers agree to kill him want to be seen as menwill do anythingto kill him
“it is concluded. Banquo, my souls flight, if it find heaven, must it out tonight” macbeth
“whats done is done” lmacb
“scorched snake but not killed” macb
what role does macb take over lady macbeths
what does macbeth sound like sounds like witches
what change does macb make to murders adds another
what happens when murderers attack fleance escapes
why is the way macb talks to murderers significant talks to them like ladymacb talked to him
what does macb see at dinner ghost of banquo in his chair
why wont macb sit he says the table is full
why does macb look crazy yelling at somebody who is not there
what excuse does lmacb make for macb says his freak outs are medical conditions and happen all the time
“im the baby of a girl”…”im a man again” macbeth
what does lmacb do to guests sends them home
“i am in blood” macbeth, too deep into problem to stop
“yet but young indeed” macbeth, killing is not over
where does macb go to the witches to hear more
what are macduff malcolm and king planning an attack on macb
why is hecate angry doesnt want them helpin macbwanted to be part of it
what does hecate tell witches to do lie to macb (make over confident)
“and you all know security, is mortals chiefest enemy” hecate
what does everyone know abt macb he killed the king
what lays like lead on banquo witches prophecy
why is macb calling himslef a friend ironic he wants to kill fleance and dad
how does macb feel about killing duncan doesnt want to, nervous
“hear it not duncan it is the bellthat summons the to heaven or to hell” macb
why is macb scared of banquo knows about propheciesfleance
“while nights black agents to their plays do rouse” macb
“how it did grive macb” lenox