Macbeth act 2 and 3

a bloody dagger What does Macbeth think he sees floating in front of him as he goes to kill Duncan?
“Amen” What can’t Macbeth say when he hears the bodyguards praying?
Macduff Who discovers Duncan’s body?
He looked too much like her father Why didn’t Lady Macbeth just kill the king herself?
The Murder Weapons What does Macbeth accidentally take with him after murdering the king?
sleep Complete Macbeth’s quotation: “I thought I heard a voice crying, ‘Macbeth has murdered _______!”
Lady Macbeth Name the speaker: “My hands are of your color. But I shame to wear a heart so white!”
The king’s guards Who else does Macbeth kill that night he killed Duncan?
Malcolm and Donalbain Which characters run away shortly after Duncan’s death?
Macbeth Who is proclaimed king after Duncan is murdered?
being the king When Macbeth says, “To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus” to what does “thus” refer?
Two murderers Who will kill Banquo?
a feast What is going on at Macbeth’s castle shortly after Banquo is killed?
Banquo’s ghost What vision does Macbeth see at the table?
The ghost of Banquo To whom does Macbeth cry out, “Thou cans’t say I did it. Never shake thy gory locks at me”?
Lady Macbeth There is a character that seems to repeatedly question and attack Macbeth’s manhood by saying things like “Are you a man?” Which character is this?
The Three Witches Macbeth decides he will seek advice. To whom will he go for this advice?
Malcolm A lord reports to Ross that an important thane, who is from Fife, has gone to England to ask for military help against Macbeth. Who is that thane that wants to wage war against Macbeth?
Fleance Who escapes from Macbeth’s murderous plot in Act 3?
True In Act 2 the porter is meant to be a bit of comic relief to help ease the tension of the play