Macbeth Act 2

what is the cause of Banquo’s insomnia? the witches are the main cause. he dreams of them and their prophecy. he is not at peace because of this
what is ironic about “Being unprepared,Our will became the servant to defect,Which else should free have wrought” this is ironic because he is telling Banquo he was unprepared for Duncan, even though he was prepared to kill him. This builds suspense because we want to know if Macbeth will kill Duncan
what inference can you make after reading these lines? what specific information supports your inference?So I lose noneIn seeking to augment it, but still keep My bosom franchised and allegiance clear,I shall be counseled i can infer that Banquo suspects that Macbeth is up to something. This is because when Macbeth wants to talk about the witches, Banquo says yes as long as he does not have to go against Duncan
how does shakespeare use Macbeth’s dagger speech to develop the theme of fate vs freewill he takes the vision of the dagger pointing him to Duncan’s room as a sign that it is his fate to commit the crime
what does the fact that Macbeth cannot sleep and hears voices praying the new theme is the internal struggle of guiltthe exchange refines the theme of guilt because he says he can’t sleep. He shows signs of guilt when telling Lady Macbeth what happenedhe can never rest again
what does sleep represent? sleep symbolizes innocence. this reflects the theme of guilt because he no longer sees himself as innocent
symbolism that macbeth did not put daggers back he feels so bad that he refuses to put them back, shows lady mac doesnt feel guilt. Also says water in the ocean cannot clean his hands, but would turn the ocean redblood is symolism
what is different about the porter’s lines they are not in iambic pentameter. this shows a division between upper and lower classupper class speaks in pros
what metaphor does Macduff make and why is it effective he compares the shocking sight of the corpse to a Gorgoneffective bc anyone who saw the gorgon turned to stone, which resembles his shock
what is ironic about the way Lady Mac reacts to the murder news in front of the noblemenhow do macduffs words ironically echo how she wants spirits to unsex her -her reaction is ironic because she asks what all the commotion is about, when she already knowsthis creates suspense bc we knowmacduff thinks she is too gentle to know what is going on, even though we know that she has no women qualities that would make the news unbearable to her
how is the theme of guilt refined There’s nothing serious in mortality.All is but toys. Renown and grace is dead.The wine of life is drawn, and the mere leesIs left this vault to brag of. macbeth reveals the depths of his guilts by saying that there is nothing good left now that duncan is gone
what is donalbains fear that whoever killed duncan will kill him and malcolm
how does shakespeare invoke the theme of guilt when sharing the gruesome scene lady mac faints suggesting she may have guilt
what inference can you make about the kind of king malcolm will be? clever bc he realizes the danger and splits to take caution to the sitation
how does the exchange between macduff and ross support the theme of ambition? they think Malcolm and Donalbain were ambitious and killed their father in order to get to the thrown. they have the right motive but wrong suspects
what warning does macduff give through the clothing metaphor now macbeth is being crowned king bc everyone thinks D and M killed their fatherhe is saying that macbeth as king instead of duncan may not suit them as well as their old situation
scene 1 characters: banquo, fleance, macbethsetting :macbeth’s castle-banquo is having trouble sleeping because of the witchs’ prophecies-macbeth wants banquo’s support and he says no-macbeth imagines seeing a dagger and takes it as a sign to kill duncan
scene 2 characters: macbeth and lady macbethsetting: macbeth’s castle-macbeth is overcome with guilt for having kiled duncan and lady macbeth does not seem to care
scene 3 characters: porter, macbeth, lennox, macduff, donalbain, malcolm, lady macbeth, banquosetting:the gate to macbeth’s castle-the porter provides comic relief. duncan’s body is discovered by macduff. macbeth kills the guards. malcolm decides to go to england and donalbain to ireland for saftey
scene 4 characters: old man, ross, macduffsetting: outside the castle-nature is in chaos and we learns that the princes are suspects because they fled scotland. macbeth was crowned king. macduff becomes suspicious of macbeth

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