Macbeth: Act 2

What do Macbeth and Banquo discuss in the middle of the night–when neither of them can sleep? The wtiches’ prophecy
What “vision” does Macbeth see after Banquo and Fleance leave him in the hall? A dagger–with the handle pointing toward Macbeth and the point pointing toward Duncan
What does the bell toll signal? That the chamberlains are asleep–and it’s time to kill Duncan
Who is with Macbeth as he goes to kill Duncan–urging him to be brave like a man? His wife–Lady Macbeth. She is behind the killing. She prepared the daggars, etc.
Why couldn’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan herself? She says he looked too much like her father as he slept.
How does Macbeth act after killing Duncan? Shaken. He tried to say “Amen” with the chamberlains as they went back to sleep–but the word got stuck in his throat.
What did Macbeth hear a voice saying as he was murdering Duncan? “Sleep no more; Macbeth does murder sleep”
What does Macbeth forget to do after killing Duncan–and who has to take care of it for him? Leave the daggars with the chamberlains to frame them—Lady Macbeth does it and calls her husband a coward
What does Macbeth hear after he has murdered Duncan? Knocking.
Who is at the door? Macduff and Lennox
Who discovers the dead King Duncan? Macduff
Who, then, does Macbeth kill–supposedly out of revenge? The Chamberlains—he does this so that they cannot protest the blame of killing Duncan
Does Macduff believe the story about Macbeth killing the chamberlains out of rage? NO. He is suspicious-So Lady Macbeth “faints” as a distraction
What do Malcolm and Donalbain do after all of this killing? They flee–they fear for their lives. Malcolm goes south to England, Donalbain north to Ireland
Who is now appointed the new King of Scotland? Macbeth
According to Ross (a thane)–what strange omens have happened lately to foretell the doom that has happened in the castle? 1) An owl killed a falcon 2) Macduff’s well trained horses ate eachother
Who is being suspected of the murder now? Malcolm and Donelbain–the princes. They think the chamberlains were paid to kill Duncan. NO ONE SUSPECTS MACBETH!
Who is the comic relief of this act? The drunken porter
How does Macbeth’s mood and attitude quickly change once Duncan’s body is discovered and the chamberlains have been blamed? He is now feeling powerful and unstoppable.
Who tells the audience about the coronation of Macbeth? Ross, Macduff and the old man