Macbeth Act 2

How is Macbeth acting in the beginning of Act Two? He is extremely paranoid, he hears voices and is contemplating comitting the act of murder.
Who arrives at Macbeth’s castle right before he is about to kill King Duncan? Banquo and his son Fleance come to talk to Macbeth about the witches’ prophecies.
What is Macbeth’s dagger speech about? Macbeth is hallucinating of the dagger that will be used to kill Duncan. He feels extremely guilty about killing the king.
What does the dagger speech say about Macbeth? He still has a trace of humanity left in him.
Why is King Duncan not killed on stage? It was considered offensive to kill a king on stage, so in order not to offend any one, Shakespeare wrote the play so the murder takes place offstage.
What does Macbeth forget to do after he commits murder? He forgets to stage the murder so that it appears that the guards had committed the crime.
Does Lady Macbeth believe that she is guilty of murder? Why or why not? Even though it was her plan in the first place, because she did not stab the king herself, she believes that she is free of sin.
According to Lady Macbeth, how can one cleanse oneself of the sin of murder? Lady Macbeth believes that all one has to do is to literally wash their hands clean of sins.
What is the importance of the scene with the porter in Macbeth? (Scene Three) After a heavily dramatic scene, the porter scene is used for comedic relief.
Who discovers the murdered king? Macduff
What do the old man and Ross talk about in scene four? They speak of the strange occurances that have been happening since the King was murdered.EX: Owls eating Hawks, the King’s horses eating one another and going wild.
How does Act Two end? In the absence of both of Duncan’s sons, Macbeth is made king.