Macbeth Act 2

What ‘cursed thoughts’ does Banquo have? There’s no stars out and he can’t sleep. He has been thinking about the weird sisters
What lie does Macbeth tell Banquo? That he did not think of the weird sisters
What is the meaning of Banquo’s answer to Macbeth? He will listen to the current king and have a pure heart but he will listen to Macbeth too
What causes Macbeth to think he sees a dagger? He is thinking about murdering Duncan
At the end of scene 1, a bell rings. What do you think is the significance of this? It’s time to kill Duncan
What omen of death does Lady Macbeth hear? Owl shrieking
Why does Lady Macbeth say she didn’t commit the murder herself? Duncan reminds her of her sleeping father
What words about himself does Macbeth believes he hears? “Amen” and “bless with you” because he has a guilty conscience?????
How did Macbeth mismanage the murder? He took the dagger with him
Both Macbeth and his lady comment upon the effectiveness of water in cleansing away their involvement in the deed. How do they differ? Lady Macbeth- a little water will make it a pure heartMacbeth- the whole ocean will take the deed away
What unusual things happened to Macduff and Lennox during the night? Rainy and windy. There were strange noise which was an owl
Who discovers the murder? Macduff
Why did Macbeth killed the king’s men? So that they won’t question about the king’s death
Why might Lady Macbeth pretend to faint? To distract Macbeth’s babbling
What actions do Malcolm and Donalbain take? Malcolm- EnglandDonalbain- IrelandSeparated because of the murder can take them too
Ross and the Old Man discuss what strange events occurring. How are these strange events similar? 1- It’s dark in the middle of the day2- Duncan’s horse are fighting each other and eating3- the mousing owl kills a falcon
How does popular opinion account for the murder? Macduff thinks it’s Malcolm and Donalbain
Who has been named king? Macbeth
Why does Macduff not plan to attend Macbeth’s coronation? He is suspicious about Macbeth and the death of Duncan
Name three characters who have shown they are suspicious of Macbeth’s rapid ascent to the throne? Lennox Banquo Macduff
The ____ is the equivocator Porter