Macbeth- Act 2

Who is with Banquo at the beginning of Act 2? Fleance (his son)
What does Banquo say he dreamed of the night before? the three witches
What does Macbeth attempt to get Banquo to do? to leave and he succeeds
What does Macbeth see before him in Scene 1? a dagger
What is the signal for murder? Lady Macbeth ringing the bell
What is Macbeth doing while Lady Macbeth is talking at the beginning of Scene 2? Killing Duncan
What does “Amen” mean? God’s blessing
Why was Macbeth upset that he could not say “Amen”? he was guilty and cut all ties with God
Macbeth delivers a famous speech on sleep in Scene 2. What does he mean when he says,”Glamis hath murdered sleep, and therefore Cawdor shall sleep no more”? Glamis was Macbeth’s original title and his new title is now the Thane of Cawdor and Macbeth murdered sleep i.e. he cannot sleep anymore
Who takes the bloody daggers back and smears the sleeping guards with blood? Lady Macbeth
Who is knocking at the gate? Macduff and Lennox
In a famous quotation by Macbeth he mentions Neptune. Who is Neptune? God of the sea
What does Macbeth say at the end of Scene 2 that indicates he regrets killing Duncan? Wake Duncan with my knocking, I would if I could
Where does the porter think he is? the lowest level of hell
What has Macduff just discovered? Duncan is dead
Macduff mentions a gorgon. What is a gorgon? Medusa basically
What is “this chance” Macbeth refers to? Duncan’s passing
Who does Lennox say murdered the king? the guards
What did Macbeth admit to doing to the guard? killing them
Why did he say he did it? uncontrollable rage because they killed King Duncan
Who faints? Lady Macbeth
Where does Malcolm flee to? England
Where does Donalbain flee to? Ireland
How old is the old man? 70
Ross and the old man talk about strange happenings. The old man mentions a falcon being killed by a mousing owl. What is each bird symbolic of? Falcon= Duncan Owl= Macbeth
Who is being crowned? Macbeth
Where is he being crowned at? Score
Is Macduff going to the coronation? no
Give Macduff’s lines at the end of Act 2 that seem to indicate that he is suspicious of the new king. “Lest our old robes sit easier than our new!”
Why would Malcolm and Donalbain have fled the country? Guilty of murder or they are scared for their lives