Macbeth Act 1&2 Vocabulary

Equivocate VerbDefinition: to use ambiguous language to conceal the truthSynonym: Evade, EludeAntonym: Blunt, Honest
Heath NounDefinition: An area of open wasteland over-grown with heather, low, shrubs, etc.Synonym: Grassland, Meath
Valor NounDefinition: Great courage in the face of danger.Synonym: Bravery, FearlessnessAntonym: Fear
Corporal AdjectiveDefinition: of or relating to the human body.Synonym: Somatic, CarnalAntonym: Mental
Chastise VerbDefinition: to punish, scold severlySynonym: Beat, TrainAntonym: Comfort
Dwindle VerbDefinition: to make of become less until little remainsSynonym: Lessen, BelittleAntonym: Increase
Impede VerbDefinition: to hinder or obstructSynonym: Block, deterAntonym: Enforce
Buttress NounDefinition: A projecting structure built against a wall for supportSynonym: Column, mainstayAntonym: Hinder
Husbandry NounDefinition: Thrift, economy; the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock.Synonym: Conservation, EconomyAntonym: Spending
Largess NounDefinition: Gift of moneySynonym: Aid, CharityAntonym:
Surfeited AdjectiveDefinition: Overfed, exceeding, to over-indulgeSynonym: Overflow, satisfyAntonym: Lack
Trifle NounDefinition: Something of little importance or valueAntonym: Important
Appall VerbDefinition: To horrify, shockSynonym: Scare, alarmAntonym: Comfort
Sacrilegious AdjectiveDefinition: Violating something sacredSynonym: Sinful, obsceneAntonym: Moral
Undivulged AdjectiveDefinition: Not revealedSynonym: Concealed, hiddenAntonym: Expressed
Predominance NounDefinition: Superiority in effectiveness, degree, qualitySynonym: Supremacy, authorityAntonym: Weakness
Predecessor NounDefinition: A person who comes before with a position of officeAntonym: Successor
Apparation NounDefinition: A ghostly figureSynonym: Haunting, lifelessAntonym: Lively
Palpable AdjectiveDefinition: Capable of being touched or felt; tangibleSynonym: Apparent, certainAntonym: Unknown
Lechery NounDefinition: Lewd or vulgar behavior7Synonym: Lust, Carnality