Macbeth Act 1 Vocabulary Sentences

Foul “Fair is_______ and _______ is fair” pg 7*occurs more than one usually with the word fair
Report “He can _________, as seemeth by his plight” pg 9*occurs more than once
Rebel “Worthy to be a ___________, for to that the multiplying villanies” pg 9*occurs more than once
Brave “Hail__________ friend” pg 9*occurs more than once
Deserve “Well he ___________ that name” pg 9*occurs more than once
Minion Like Valour’s __________ carved out his passage till he faced the slave.” pg 9″
Plight “As seemeth by his __________, of the revolt the newest state” pg 9
Brandished “Disdaining fortune, with his ___________ steel, which smoked with bloody execution” pg 9
Supplies “With furbished arm and new __________ of men” pg 11
Vantage “But the Norwegian lord, surveying __________, with furbished arms” pg 11*occurs more than once
Weird “The _______ sisters, hand in hand posters of the sea and land” pg 15*occurs more than one usually refers to the three witches as sisters
Hail “________ brave friend” pg 9*occurs more than once
Noble “My _______ partner you greet with present grace” pg 17*occurs more than once
Partner My noble ___________ you greet with present grace” pg 17*occurs more than once
Rapt “That he seems _________ withdrawal” pg 17*occurs more than once
Prophetic “With such ____________greetings. Speak I charge you” pg 19
Corporal “Into the air and what seemed ___________ melted as breath into the air” pg 19
Praises “His wonder and his __________ do contend which should be thine or his” pg 21*occurs more than once
Ignorant “Not lose the dues of rejoicing by being ____________of what greatness is promised thee” pg 31*occurs more than once
Promised “The Thane of Cawdor to me __________ to now less to them” pg 23*occurs more than once
Success “The news, of thy ____________, and, when he reads” pg 21
Surmised The function is smothered in __________, and nothing is but what is not” pg 23
Earnest Why hath it given me _____________ of success” pg 23
Murder “My thought, whose ___________ yet is but fantastical” pg 23
Treason “That very frankly he confessed his __________” pg 27
Recompense “The swiftest wing ______________ of is slow to overtake thee” pg 27
Unaccompanied “Which honor must not ______________invest only in him” Pg 29
Harbinger “I’ll be myself the ____________ and make joyful the hearing of my wife with your approach” pg 29
Peerless “It is a ______________ kinsman” pg 29
Chastise “That I may pour my spirits in thine ear and _____________ with the valor of my tongue” pg 31
Impedes “All that __________ thee from the golden round” pg 31
Wound “Except they meant to bathe in reeking____________, or memorise another Golgotha, I cannot tell” pg 11*occurs more than once
Dire “And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full of ___________ cruelty” pg 33
Purpose “Nature shake my fell ____________, nor keep peace between the effect and it” pg 33*occurs more than once
Gall “Come to my woman’s breasts, And take my milk for _________, you murdering ministers” pg 33
Haunt “Where they most breed and __________, I have observed” 37
Frieze “No jutty, ___________, Buttress, nor coign of vantage, but this bird hath made his pendent bed and procreant cradle” pg 37
Chalice “Th’ ingradience of our poisoned _____________ to our own lips” pg 39
Deed “Strong both against ________: then, as his host” pg 39

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