Macbeth Act 1 Vocabulary

Chalice A cup or goblet.
Chastise To punish by beating; to criticize severely.
Compunctious Deserving of shame; deeply wrong.
Dwindle To make or become gradually less until little remains.
Harbinger One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; forerunner.
Implored (modern definition) Involved by logical necessity; entailed.
Implored (archaic definition) Appealed to; beseech.
Ingratitude Lack of gratitude; ungratefulness.
Interim A period between two events.
Mettle Strength of character; determination.
Minion A submissive follower or dependent.
Plight A difficult or adverse situation.
Prophetic Of, or a characteristic of, a prophet or prophecy.
Surmise (verb) To infer with little evidence; guess; conjecture.
Surmise (noun) An idea or opinion based on little evidence.
Trifles Things of little importance or value; small amounts.
Withered Dried up or shriveled, as it from a loss of moisture.

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