Macbeth Act 1 Vocabulary

plight (n) an unfavorable situation
to disdain disdainful – adjdisdainfully – adv (vt) to treat with contempt or scorn; to look down upon
valorvalorous – adjvalorously – advvaliant – adjvaliantly — adv (n) the quality of bravery (courage)
minion (n) one who is highly favored (in modern use, has a negative connotation)
direful dire – adjdireness – n (adj) full of or characterized by serious trouble
aught (n) something/anything
prosperousprosperity – nprosperously – advto prosper – vt, vi (adj) characterized by wealth and/or good fortune (wealthy, lucky)
prophetic prophet – nprophecy – nprophesy – vt, vi (adj) related to or containing a message about the future
corporal corporality – ncorporally – adv (adj) related to the physical body (real, tangible)
venture to venture – vt, vi, adjadventure – nadventurer — n (n) an undertaking involving uncertainty
trifle to trifle – vt, vitrifling – adj (n) a thing of very little value
imperial imperious – adj (adj) related to empire or person of royal authority
to commence commencement – n (vt, vi) to begin
surmiseto surmise – vt, vi (n) an unfounded opinion, guesswork, an uncertainty
to cleave cleaver – n (to) (vi) to adhere closely to
to chastise impediment – n (vt) to criticize severely
to impede impediment – n (vt) to slow in movement/progress with an obstacle (to hinder)
metaphysical (adj) (archaic) Imaginary
compunctiouscompunction – ncompunctiously – adv characterized by an uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt
gall to gall – vt, vigalling — adj (n) bitter bile/pus
pallpall – n (vt) to cover as with a shroud
to beguileguile – nbeguiling – adjbeguilingly – adv (vt) to influence through the use of trickery; to take away from by cheating or deception
sovereign sovereign – n (adj) indisputable, supreme
shoal (n) a place where a body of water is shallow, like a beach or sandbar
to commend commendation – n (vt) to send to, to entrust to
chalice (n) a goblet or drinking cup
facultiesacile – adj faculty — n (n) abilities or powers
esteem (n) opinion or judgment
adage (n) a saying in the form of a metaphor embodying a common observation
enterpriseenterprising – adj (n) a project
undauntedto daunt – vtdaunting – adjdauntless — adj (adj) undiminished in courage (intrepid), refusing to be discouraged
mettle (n) vigor or strength of temperament or character
clamorclamorous – adjclamor – vt, vi (n) a loud noise, powerfully expressing disapproval