Macbeth Act 1 summative

Macbeth “ProtagonistThane of GlamisIs told that he will be king and thane of cawdor by the witches”
Banquou “Character foil to MacbethProphesy: children will be king”
the 3 witches “Evil witches who plot against MacbethMacbeth: will be king and than of CawdorBanquo: Children will be kingOne of them drained a sailor of happiness because his wife didn’t like her chestnuts”
King Duncan “Good and respectable kingScotland”
Lady Macbeth “Macbeths wifePlans murder against DuncanGreat ambitions for powerSays her husband is not a man unless he kills the king in order to save the thrown”
Malcolm Son of Duncan (king)
Ross & Lennox Scottish Noblemen
Thane of Cawdor “Murdered in battleMacbeth receives his throne”

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