Macbeth Act 1, Scene 7

What is happening immediately before and after the scene Everyone is having dinner and Macbeth is talking to himself while getting something
What’s happening in this scene Macbeth is talking himself out of killing Duncan and decides not to proceed further with the plan
Setting Macbeth’s home (in the castle at the dinner table)
Characters in the scene Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
What their actions highlight of the characters personalities Lady Macbeth is not afraid of what happens if Duncan is killed. Macbeth is scared and indecisive of the situation, showing readers that he has a vaulting ambition which is his tragic flaw
Mental state of Macbeth ???
Mental state of Lady Macbeth ???
Tone The Soliloquy has an argumentative tone. It goes from contemplative to argumentative to decisive.
Thesis In act 1, scene 7 from the play Macbeth, Shakespeare uses her Marsha, Soliloquy, and characterization to show the blind ambition can lead to destruction
LIT 1: Harmatia vaulting ambition of Macbeth and being aware of it
LIT 2: Soliloquy realization of not killing Duncan he knows that people would be against his murder because Duncan was a good King. He also knows it’s wrong and he has no reason to even be considering the murder
LIT 3: Characterization Macbeth’s weaknesses and always trying to prove manhood.Lady Macbeth convinces him to kill Duncan to prove his manlihood.
Theme/Purpose: To show how Lady Macbeth can manipulate Macbeth by influencing the decision of killing Duncan.
Why it’s a key moment in the plot? This is a key moment because it is a driving decision that will lead to all events that come after and it shows Macbeth’s true nature where Lady Macbeth controls to get her way.