Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3 Annotations

What descriptive details does Banquo use in his speech about the witches(lines 39-47)? The witches are wild in their attire, they dont look like inhabitants, they have choppy fingers upon skinny lips, they have beards, and are crazy
What has Macbeth earned through his exploits? Title of Thane of Cawdor
What do the witches promise Banquo and Macbeth? They are going to be lesser, but greater and are going to be the best kings. Macbeth will be king and Banquo’s kids will be king
What does Banquo mean by the insane root? Craziness and mischievous behavior. Did we just talk to 3 witches? R we crazy?
Using the side notes, how would you rephrase lines 120-121 in modern English? If you trust fully the witches prophecy it may encourage you to hope for king
What does the stage directions for line 153 indicate to the actor playing Macbeth? He is only talking to Banquo
As Macbeth thinks about what the witches have promised what horrid image frightens him? The horrid image is him killing Malcolm