Macbeth-Act 1 Scene 1

Why do you think Shakespeare chooses not to reveal why the Witches want to meet Macbeth? It creates suspense- we only know they want topmost him “on the heath” later that day but not why
What is meant by “Fair is foul, and foul is fair”? That nothing is as it really seems.
What is suggested by Shakespeare opening the play with the Witches? That they have an important role in the play and will influence the action
How does the scene create suspense ? is thunder and lightning (violent atmosphere)2.Witches’ language- speak in riddles, end with rhyming couplet, plotting 3.witches are ambiguous and weird 4.things are not what they seem “fair is foul and fouls fair” -appearance and reality theme throughout
Quotes -when shall three meet again -when the hurly burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won-“Fair is foul and foul is fairhover through the fog and filthy air”
Literary technique and themes 1. creates suspense/creepy atmosphere by: thunder and lightening, witches strange language and plotting, suggestion of supernatural and malevolent (in context of superstitious Elizabethan audience) 2. alliteration, speak in riddles and choral lines (spacing together) – rhyming couplets (like spell)- sense of foreboding they are plotting 3. appearance and reality theme – fair is foul, and foul is fair
Summary 1. 3 witches meet in a storm2. they speak in riddles and use strange language 3. preparing to meet Macbeth on the heath later that day but don’t say why 4.suspense and sense of foreboding