macbeth; Act 1 Scene 1

for whom are the witches waiting? Macbeth; once the battle over
What is king Duncan’s reaction to the news that Cawdor is a traitor? What will happen to his title? King Duncan is shocked, and orders him to be executed. His title will be given to Macbeth, due to heroic efforts
How do the Witches greet Macbeth? A series of prophecies
What predictions do the witches make? that macbeth will be the thane of Cawdor, and king
Do Macbeth and Banquo have the same reaction to Ross’ news? Macbeth is intrigued, and Banquo is curious. (basically the same).
What kind of person is Duncan? Open, frank, friendly, and respectful
What announcement is made about Malcom? What is Macbeth’s s reaction? Son of king, and will be king soon. Macbeth is surprise (like, “oh, I have competition now”)
How did Lady Macbeth find out about the witches’ prophecies? reads a letter from her husband, and it accounts for his time with the witches.
What is Lady Macbeth’s main concern about her husband? Thinks he is too kind and easily readable
Did you find it amusing that lady Macbeth was so pleasent to Duncan? Why? No, because she wants Macbeth to kill him so she could have the throne (I expect her to manipulate people).
How willing is macbeth to go along with Lady Macbeth’s plans for him to attain? At first he’s hesitant, but she is very manipulative and intimidating, causing him to do anything to make Macbeth happy.
How does Lady Macbeth convince Macbeth to murder Duncan? Makes him think he’s less of a man.