Macbeth act 1 questions

Who first refers to Macbeth by name? Do you think this has any significance? Witch 3 refers to Macbeth by name. Yes, its because they know more about him than he knows about himself or he knows more about the witches.
What words are first used to describe Macbeth as a soldier? The words that are used are said by Duncan. He says “brave”, “valuent men”, “they fought twice as hard”
How does Macbeth react when the third Witch speaks of him as “king hereafter’!? Give an explanation for his response An explanation for his response is “fearful” he questioned it and was confused and didn’t know how to respomd
immediently after he learns he is the Thane of Cawdor. What thoughts go through his mind? Does he say anything that might hint his future actions? At first, he thinks that the only way to become king is to murder those in his way. And leave death in his wake. He also thinks that maybe chance will crown him.
What do Banquo and Macbeth have in common? How are they different? Banquo and Macbethboth serve the king, but Banquo is loyal but Macbeth is willing to kill all people to achieve his goal.
In act 1, scene 3, describe the reaction of Banquo to the three weird sisters. Banquo has some wise words to say that Macbeth should have listened to. What were these words? The words were: he is suspicious and do sent believe the witches. He then says “to tempt is to evil, the devil wins over confidence, with trifling bits of truth, then betrays us in the things that really matter. This further proves that Banqup is very cautious of the prophecy
What does Duncan say at the end of act 1 scene 4, in reference to Macbeth? How does this compare with Macbeth’s reputation as described by others? Macbeth is refered to by Duncan by as vailient and “a kings name without equal”
Lady Macbeth knows her husband very well. List the character points she makes about him. Macbeth’s tender heart ness disables him from achieving his goal to become kind
Read Macbeth’s soliloquy. What does this tell you of his morals? What are the reasons he gives for not proceeding ahead with murder? According to Macbeth, what is his motive for assassinating Duncan? He’s contemplating whether or not he should go through with the plan. Its more like he’s confused. He justifies the life of king Duncan. His reasons for not killing the king: Macbeth is motavatonh to become king, Macbeth is questioning the plan because he feels quilty
In act 1, scene 7, how does lady Macbeth try to change Macbeth’s mind about commuting murder? Lady Macbeth insults him, says that Macbeth is not manly enough, to do what has to be done. She continues by explaining, that if she was told to kill her own children she would in a heartbeat.