Macbeth Act 1

Swedish king who was King James with on the first night of Macbeth, he was in attendence
graymalkin what kind of animal does the first witch have with her
paddock what kind of animal does the second witch have with her
open field at Forres at sunset they will meet Macbeth when will the three witches meet again
“fair is foul, and foul is fair. Hover through the fog and filthy air” witches chant
Malcolm and Donalbain King Duncan’s two sons
Malcolm which of Duncan’s sons is weak and must be saved by a captain in the battle of Forres
Ireland where is Macdonwald from
Norwegians what group of people tried to fight Macbeth after he cut Macdonwald in two
Golgatha where jesus was buried, this is why Macbeth and Banquo fought twice as hard against the Norwegians (wanted to make it famous for slaughtering)
Ross always has news
the king of norway has attacked fife what does ross come and tell the king at Forres
Macduff who fought and defeated the king of norway at Fife
Sweno King of Norway
Sinel father of Macbeth
he aided the Norwegians in getting to Fife what did the 1st thane of cawdor do that had him put on trial and then put to death
had to retreat to Saint Colme’s Inch and pay 10,000 what 2 things did the Norwegian king have to do before Macduff would let him sign a treaty
he wouldn’t let him bury his dead what wouldn’t Macduff let Sweno do with his killed men
he chooses Macbeth who does Duncan choose to be the next thane of cawdor
Macduff killed a king, and he is too powerful in Duncan’s opinion why doesnt Duncan pick Macduff to be the next thane of cawdor
“what he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won” Duncan says about the thane of cawdor being a traitor and Macbeth being the next thane
killing swine what has the second witch been doing before she meets up with the other 2 witches
she wanted chestnuts from a sailors wife, but the wife said no and called her fat why is the first witch so ticked
aleppo, tiger where did the sailor sail to and what was the name of his boat
she plans on making them wish they were dead by cursing the winds around them what does the 1st witch plan on doing to the sailor and his wife
81 weeks how long will the sailor waste away in agony
“3 times to yours, 3 times to mine, 3 times again to add up to 9” weird chant the witches say before macbeth and banquo come upon them in the forest
they have beards what is weird about the witches that Banquo comments on in the forest
Macbeth tells them to speak when do the witches finally start talking to Macbeth and Banquo , even though Banquo has been questioning them
thane of glamis, thane of cawdor, king what 3 prophesies do the witches say about Macbeth
1st: lesser than Macbeth but greater(spiritually better)2nd: not so happy, but happier than Macbeth (will be wealthier)3rd: he won’t be a king but his children will be 3 prophesies about Banquo
witches aren’t supposed to ever tell the truth, demons why is Banquo so against believing the witches mean well
Ross appears and says the King has named him thane of cawdor even though the other one hasn’t been executed yet what makes Macbeth believe the 3 witches and their prophesies
Banquo says to Macbeth about the witches maybe not meaning well when they tell their prophesies and Macbeths came true about being thane of cawdor “and oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths, win us with honest trifles, to betray us in deepest consequence.”
Malcolm says he talked to someone who saw him die Duncan asks Malcolm if thane of cawdor is dead yet
“theres no art to find the minds construction in the face” Duncan says to Malcolm about a mans face, after the thane of cawdor betrays him
a hug what does Duncan give Banquo
all his good deeds will go to Duncan, all credit to Duncan what does Banquo tell Duncan when he praises his good deeds
Malcolm is now prince of Cumberland, next in line to be king what does duncan tell his thanes when macbeth and banquo appear to thank his majesty for the gifts he has given them (thane of cawdor, and a hug) only tells his most trusted people
primogeniture this practice isn’t used anymore, but Duncan puts it back in place, makes his warriors angry
“stars hide your fires; let not light see my black and deep desires. The eye wink at the hand, yet let that be which the eye fears, when it is done, to see” Macbeth saying to himself, when realizing he is actually thinking about killing the king when he finds out Duncan has made Malcolm prince of Cumberland. He wants his mind to “hide” while his hand is slaying
confession, contrition, penance what 3 things must one do to go to heaven
he repented and accomplished the 3 steps to get to heaven why is the first thane of cawdor going to heaven even though he betrayed the king
fate and witchcraft what 2 things does Lady Macbeth say want Macbeth to be king so he must be
she thinks he is too compassionate and loyal to Duncan why does Lady Macbeth think she must persuade Macbeth to kill Duncan
asks for incubus and succubus to unsex her and fill her with demonic spirits so she can kill Duncan what does Lady Macbeth ask of the spirits after she receives Macbeth’s letter
she tells him he must appear innocent and normal, or else someone will think something is going on what does Lady M tell Macbeth when he arrives to their castle and says that a party will be held for Malcolm
inverness castle of macbeth
he is worried about killing Duncan, he doesn’t want to do it anymore why does macbeth not attend the party at his own house
Duncan has never done anything wrong, he is a good king, macbeth is the kings kingsmen and host, kingdom will be devastated and he has no reason to why does macbeth not want to kill Duncan anymore after talking to his wife
she cries, and says he doesn’t love her, makes him feel like a coward how does lady m get macbeth to finally agree with killing Duncan
at night, they will get the two servants wasted and kill him, then the blame will be put on the servants how will they kill duncan
they’ll cover the servants in the kings blood how does the couple plan on making it seem like the kings two servants killed him in his sleep
“false face must hide what the false heart doth know” Macbeth says to Lady M after they make the plan up to kill Duncan in his sleep
1599-1606 when was Macbeth most likely written
familors the demons that the devil sent down to witches to give them power and magic, usually in the form of an animal(frog, snake, cat, etc)
thane of cawdor he would stand on the stone of scone and face the other 12 thanes to be accepted (most likely next king) most powerful warrior
so she cannot see what she is doing why does lady m tell the spirits to make it dark outside
volcanic eruption in Iceland and the ash is blocking the sun actual reasoning for the darkness outside when Duncan and his entourage enter Inverness for Malcolm’s party
Angel of Death who does Ross symbolize

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