macbeth act 1

who do the witches plan to meet when the battle is over macbeth
what does fair is foul, and foul is fair mean? a paradox, good things have bad consequences and bad things have good consequences
what further new is brought by ross the thane of Cawdor was a trader and he was defeated
what is kings reaction to ross’s news disappointed by the than of cawdor
the sergeant describes a battle in the war between Scotland and Norway
who were the heroes in that battle, macbeth and banquo
who did king duncan give the thane of cawdors title to macbeth
what do we learn about macbeth’s character in scene 2 heroic in battle
what do the witches discuss as they await macbeth the witches plan to kill a sail because his wife was mean to one of the witches
what do the witches predict for macbeth thane of glamous, thane of cawdor, king of scotland
how do the witches surprise macbeth and banquo by there predictions of their futures
what do they tell banquo that he will not be as important as macbeth, and a better man, not so happy in the world, yet happier than macbeth. his kids will be king
what does macbeth demand of the witches how they know all of this and he wants more answers
what news does ross relate to macbeth that macbeth is the thane of cawdor
how do macbeth and banquo react differently to ross’s information macbeth is excited, he thinks the others will come true, banquo is cautious tell him not to take it lightly
what does macbeth say about being king if chance wants it then he will be king but he wont work for it
to whom does king duncan give the title prince of cumberland his son Malcolm
how does macbeth react to malcolm becoming heir to the throne he is worried that he wont become king and thinks that he will have to kill the king
what announcement does king duncan make after he, macbeth, and banquo exchange warm feeling a dinner for macbeth, at macbeth house
how was lady macbeth advised of the witches prophosies by macbeth’s letter
what is lady macbeths main concern about her husband he is to kind of a man to kill the king
on whom does lady macbeth call for guidance and strength evil spirits
what does lady macbeth mean by he that coming must be provided for when the king comes they have to treat him nicely, the king needs to be taken care of
explain lady macbeths soliloquy she want to be able to kill the king without feeling bad she wants to become nasty and dark and have the strength of a man
does the king suspect anything could be wrong when he arrives a macbeths house no
what is ironic about how duncan and lady macbeth speak lady macbeth treats him nice and says he is welcome at his house, mean while planning to kill him
what does macbeths soliloquy at the beginning of this scene that doesn’t want to kill the king but ambition is to strong to overcome
list 4 reasons macbeth fings to talk himself out of committing the murder he is family, a host , the people like the king, and macbeth is is a royal subject
what does macbeth first tell lady macbeth that he doesn’t want to kill the king, he is worried
what methods does lady macbeth use to get him into action calls him a coward and questions his man hood, saying he wont be a man until he kills the king
what plan has lady macbeth formulated for duncans demise kill him in his sleep
what does macbeth add to lady macbeths plan use the swords of the guards and frame them in the murder