Macbeth act 1

What does the line fair is foul and foul is fair suggest Things are not what they seem to be, rules are subject to fear/influence
Who is scotland at war with Norway, rebels led by macdonwald against the king
Why does King Duncan decide to give MacBeth the title of thane of Cawdor Macbeth defeated thane of Cawdor the traitor, he fought heroically
What has happened to the thane of cawdor He was a traitor so he lost the title to Macbeth, he will be put to death
Why was the first witch angry with the sailors wife? What is she going to do to the sailor The wife wouldn’t share her chestnuts , the witch is going to curse the sailor and do whatever she can to make it so he doesn’t sleep, will get to sea as a rat in a basket with holes to show her power
What three titles do the witches give macbeth Thane of glamis (his father) thane of Cawdor, future king
What predictions do they make for banquo He will not be fortunate but happier than Macbeth, you won’t be king but your children will be kings, lesser than Macbeth and greater
How does Macbeth react when Ross confirms that he is thane of Cawdor? How does banquos reaction differ than macbeths Macbeth is surprised Bc the thane of Cawdor is alive and banquos is concerned of the witches prophecies
What are the horrible imaginings Macbeth is thinking about the end of scene 3 Bad things are about to happen in the future- the murder of king Duncan Bc something awful has to happen so he can become king
what is the meaning of the line “theres no art to find the minds construction in the face” you cant understand what the mind is thinking by looking at someones face
who is duncan talking about when he says “he was a gentleman on whom i built an absolute trust” thane of cawdor-you cant trust who you think you can- fair is foul and foul is fair
how are duncans comments about macbeth ironic macbeth is going to kill duncan and duncan owes macbeth more than he can repay him with considereing macbeth saved the kingdom from the traitor thane of cawdor
what announcement does duncan make that disturbes macbeth duncan is pronouncing malcom the prince of cumberland which means that after he dies malcom is next in line for the throne but the witches prophicy says that macbeth is future king – malcom is between macbeth and the throne
why does macbeth leave early tell his wife that the king will be at their castle soon
what does lady macbeth think will prevent macbeth from getting what he wants? how does she plan to influence her husband she wants to convince macbeth to be more ruthless and get what he wants (the crown) by killing duncan, she says that kindness overpowers her husband so he doesnt have a bad bone in his body
what does lady macbeth ask the spirits to do? what are her plans she asks the spirits to remove all her feminie qualities including theh abilty to feel remorse so she can achieve the evil she desires, her plans are murder duncan so she and her husband will gain wealth and power
why is lady macbeth distrubed by the look on her husbands face? how does she tell him to act she sees a look of conern bc of malcom being next in line through the throne, she says he needs to act normal and rest duncan with all the respect a host would show and to not let any facial expressions arise suspicion
what is ironic about the groups description of macbeths castle duncan says “the love that follows us is our inconvience” , the air is said to be delicate and the heavens breath is great here- said to be a loving home where the greatest sins are about to take place
why does macbeth have second thoughts about what he is going to do he is a trusted advisor and a host which is unkind to murder – all the good deeds he did will be what hes remembered by and the truth will come out
what is macbeths primary motivation for regicide he wants the crown and all the power that comes with it along with the motivation by his wife
who does lady macbeth plan to frame for duncans murder the drunken guards of him who will be marked with blood as evidence

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